VIDEO OF THE DAY (June 30, 2011): The Offspring and “Why Don’t You Get a Job”

All of a sudden this song sounds pretty topical for recession America. Here is to The Offspring, an American punk band from Southern California.

My friend’s got a boyfriend and she hates that….

The Northern Invasion has Begun!

OMG! ¡La invasión ya ha comenzado! Last time we checked, Our founder had decided to take matters into his own hands and travel up north in an effort to piss off all his Canadian readers, who are SO COMFORTABLE and relaxed with their SUPERIOR SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE and HOCKEY PLAYING WAYS… He’s loaded his car with a shovel and other Northern Wall building paraphernalia with the full intent of BUILDING that northern wall that this country needs to protect ourselves from the Northern invaders! Well, this is it! We now have video & audio proof that Julito has arrived at the US-Canada border and we are publishing his video manifesto… del gran evento!


This isn’t ‘Blair Witch Project.’ Más bien, this event is sure to remind you of ‘Saving Private Ryan’ except, en nuestro caso, el valiente Teniente Varela will invade the foreign lands and claim their soil for Latino Rebel glory!

Rumbo hacia Canadá

Our founder has spoken and he is going to piss off all his Canadian readers, who are SO COMFORTABLE and relaxed with their SUPERIOR SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE and HOCKEY PLAYING WAYS… He’s got a shovel and other Northern Wall building paraphernalia in his car and we think he just may start BUILDING that northern wall while he’s in Canada! ¡Cuidado! QUE PRONTO LLEGA EL REMOLINO QUE ES Julito!


And, check it out, he’s still wearing that same God Damned Landon Donovan jersey, nuestro jefe? Pero vamos a ver tío, how are you going to apply for socialized Health Care dressed like THAT?!

Meet the Latino Rebels’ Political and DREAMER Cartoonist: Julio Salgado

Each week, we will be posting cartoons from the very talented Julio Salgado, a great young talent and a DREAMER. To learn more about Julio, go see him at the DAILY 49er.

To Channel 4 New York’s Darlene Rodríguez: You Are TOO COOL

Starting today, the Rebels will ONLY be watching Darlene Rodríguez from WNBC’s Today in New York.

As Darlene says on her Twitter profile: Waking up before the birds, gotta love it!

Meet the New Generation of Latino Leaders: The DREAMERS Who Are Changing the World and Keeping Hope Alive

Long live the DREAMERS. Long live the committed, young, and beautiful DREAMERS, who will fight for immigration justice in the United States of America. Long live the DREAMERS who will tell President Barack Obama that he MUST do more. Long live the DREAMERS who are in constant action and telling their amazing stories. They represent what AMERICA is all about: a place that celebrates hard work, passion, and vision.

LONG LIVE THE DREAMERS ©Amy Mejia and are proud to support the amazing group behind 67 Sueños, a project born out of the efforts of migrant youth that is determined to change the world.

We will gladly promote their efforts, and so should you!


The 67 Sueños project was born out of the recognition that the majority of migrant youth were not being included in the debates about OUR future that were and are happening nationally. Our goal is to raise those/our underprivileged migrant youth voices to expand the debate and the legislative possibilities.


Whenever Americans are presented with an image of undocumented youth there are two black and white categories that we are most often pigeonholed into.  Those opposed to providing a path to legal status for undocumented youth are likely to promote images of undocumented people as “criminals”.  In these circles we are all drug runners, coyotes, gun smugglers, gang bangers and fraud artists.  On the other side of the spectrum liberals, democrats and even the immigrants rights movement is likely to offer a “sympathetic” counter narrative that highlights the most exceptional individuals in our community.  In these circles we are only likely to hear from those with 4.0 grade point averages, multiple degrees, the valedictorians, the student body presidents who demonstrate best that we are not “criminals”.


Elbowed out of this black and white set of narratives are the majority of migrant youth who in fact are not much different from our documented classmates.  Most of us are not presidents of the student body or drug runners.  Some of us get good grades but it is very hard for us to be academically competitive given our socio-economic realities and the underfunded school systems we rely on.  The poverty that runs deep through our community does lead some of us to crime.  We are also often excessively policed and criminalized regardless of our guilt or innocence. Things like racial profiling in the form of ganging injunctions, and laws like SB1070 in Arizona along with excessive check points in our communities make us more likely to have involvements with law enforcement than our peers.  A true picture of our community would include some crime and some exceptional students but the vast majority of us are not so easily sorted into these two categories.


This black and white portrait is important because it becomes the starting point for all efforts on behalf of migrant youth.  Since 2001 the main legislative relief that has been offered to migrant youth – from our life in the shadows with little opportunities after high school – has been the DREAM Act.  The DREAM Act would provide much needed relief but only to a small slice of the undocumented youth community.  Namely those who graduate high school and are able to attend a 4-year institution for 2 years on their own dime and those high school graduates or GED acquiring students who are willing and able to join the Military in time of War.  These are options that leave the vast majority, 67% by some estimates, of undocumented youth elbowed out of the legislative lifeline.


The same 67% missing from the national narratives is the 67% left out of legislative efforts, hence the name 67 Sueños. We hope to tell our own stories through video interviews, stories of migrant youth who are not 4.0 students or hardened “criminals”.  These videos will be the vehicle by which we inject the realities and perspectives of the missing 67 percent into the immigrant’s rights movement and the national dialogue. First we join the conversations, next we demand to be included in the legislative efforts.  As we collect stories and sharpen our connections and understanding to this underrepresented community we will be meeting with members of congress to advocate for everyone left out of the current efforts.  To borrow a powerful quote from the disability rights movement, “Nothing About Us Without Us!”

Another VIDEO OF THE DAY (June 27, 2010): Calibre 38 and “Quiero más cerveza”

Any song that says QUIERO MÁS CERVEZA will quickly become one of our favorite songs!!!! Here is to Colombia’s Calibre 38!!!!


VIDEO OF THE DAY (June 27, 2011): AFROMAN and “Because I Got High”

Start your Monday with Afroman and “Because I Got High,” one of the best hip-hop songs ever!!!!!


Ok, everyone together: I was gonna clean my room, but I got high…..

Otro VIDEO DEL DÍA (25 de junio de 2011): Los Jaivas y “Hijos de la tierra”

Este video es para nuestros queridos hermanos chileños. ¡Que viva Chile!

Los Jaivas ©

A cantar “Hijos de la tierra”

VIDEO DEL DÍA (26 de junio de 2011): Silvio Rodríguez y “Te amaré”

Silvio = Genius. Simple as that.

No questions asked.

Les presentamos “Te amaré”