Canadian Scourge Smoke Pot on a Commercial Plane… and THEY GET AWAY WITH IT!

America is in danger, facing a peril that could change the America we know into a country where you can smoke pot in a plane and get away with it. How UnChrtistian! How Socialist! How Incredibly Brilliant! Sorry, we digress, the following story just proves that the US MUST BUILD A NORTHERN FENCE NOW or else get consumed by pot-loving, Geddy Lee groupies who would rather drink Molsons illegally near the suburbs of Detroit than turn themselves into the INS.


What we are about to report is not for the feint of heart, nor for the ones who choke when they inhale (like a certain President who likes girls who last names rhyme with Luzinski). Yes, it’s true, ACTUAL SCOURGE CANADIANS SMOKED POT IN A PLANE AND NOTHING HAPPENED TO THEM. Here is the story out of Calgary, eh:

Calgary travellers likely became the first in Canadian history to ingest marijuana using a vaporizer aboard a commercial flight earlier this month.

The group of four, which coincidentally enough were heading to a conference regarding medical marijuana use in Toronto, boarded a WestJet flight June 2 with a vaporizer and proceeded to use it throughout the flight without any hassle from flight attendants or fellow passengers.

“I just used it in my seat,” said group member Lisa Kirkman. “They don’t produce any smoke. That’s kind of the reason this can be done. There’s no combustion involved.”

All of the users aboard the flight are licensed by Health Canada to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. They carry documentation that allows them to pass through security with the drugs.



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