The Only TV In Puerto Rico Was Watching George Lopez

Jun 23, 2011
3:07 pm


There are various types of humor and I have to say that I love to play pranks. When they are played on me I am usually a good sport. The first thing I evaluate when someone plays a prank on me is intent. If someone played a prank, no matter how serious it seems to be, I always analyze if the intent was to give us all a laugh at the moment or in the future. Like every human being, I have been played pranks that have gotten me pretty uncomfortable and also heard jokes that where not appealing to me, but I was ok with it because it had no malicious intent.

I am a big fan of many Latino comedians who have reached mainstream media U.S. but are able to be genuine and touch among various aspects without offending to much of one side. I love Gabriel Iglesias’ approach at comedy where he shares his life experiences and makes an audience laugh. I even like Mr. Carlos Mencia (Mr. Sell Out) eventhough he might seem to offend many; I don’t see him offending one group constantly. Even when Mencia uses Latinos and other groups as subjects of his comedy, there is some sort of social criticism or lesson deep inside his message. Out of many comedians I clearly have to say there is one I have given many opportunities to. I see how his intent is malicious and he is always looking to purely benefit himself. I have never been able to look at George Lopez as someone doing any good for the Latino community or those around him.

As I watched him a few days ago during JJ Barea’s interview, Lopez confirmed once again that he is willing to offend Latinos and Hispanics just to be Mr. Funny man with the rest of the crowd. For instance, comments like saying to Barea that all Puerto Ricans were watching him on just one t.v. Just to clear Mr. Lopez’s question, Puerto Ricans do have plenty of TVs, and yes, the progress of our Island has been halted by the interests of the U.S. (and watching too many morons like him on TV). Years after watching or listening to Lopez’s antics and giving him various opportunities, I can really form my opinion of his intentions.

9 out 10 of George Lopez’s jokes are denigrating to our communities. These stale jokes don’t bring much value to everyone. Instead of Lopez breaking stereotypes and using his place in the mainstream media as a platform to open many doors, he decides to stay on top by squashing the rest of us just to look good in front of who?

His exaggeration of stereotypes, which are 99% criticizing in a very destructive way, the Hispanic and/or Latino culture and communities make me think George Lopez is more into getting his pockets filled by mainstream media cash than as an advocate to Latinos anywhere. He is so full of himself he does not even let his guests talk.

I find it ridiculous that Lopez tries to play a part he is not. I guess there is a reason why his name is George and not Jorge. The only thing I have with George Lopez in common as a Hispanic is that we where born in the same month and on the same day. Other than that I really can’t wait until his target audience he sells out to takes him of the air.

As for me it will be awhile until I will watch Lopez Tonight (maybe the next time a Puerto Rican NBA Player wins an NBA Championship). In his own words here in Puerto Rico we only have one TV so I will let another fool on the Island watch his crap!

Take a look at the video and you can form your own opinion!