The Northern Invasion has Begun!

OMG! ¡La invasión ya ha comenzado! Last time we checked, Our founder had decided to take matters into his own hands and travel up north in an effort to piss off all his Canadian readers, who are SO COMFORTABLE and relaxed with their SUPERIOR SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE and HOCKEY PLAYING WAYS… He’s loaded his car with a shovel and other Northern Wall building paraphernalia with the full intent of BUILDING that northern wall that this country needs to protect ourselves from the Northern invaders! Well, this is it! We now have video & audio proof that Julito has arrived at the US-Canada border and we are publishing his video manifesto… del gran evento!


This isn’t ‘Blair Witch Project.’ Más bien, this event is sure to remind you of ‘Saving Private Ryan’ except, en nuestro caso, el valiente Teniente Varela will invade the foreign lands and claim their soil for Latino Rebel glory!


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