After 25 Years of Hard-Ass Hip-Hop, Public Enemy and Chuck D Still Rule: YEAH, BOYYYYY!!!!!

To think that Public Enemy — arguably the best hip-hop group ever assembled — is still relevant after 25 years. Their album It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, released in 1988, is still relevant and powerful today.

And yesterday we found out that the GREAT Chuck D is on Twitter. Fight the power, motherfucker.

As Washington acts like a bunch of wankers, we say Don’t Believe the Hype.

Republican Budget Plan Targets Pell Grants, Latinos

If Republicans have it their way many low-income families, looking to further their children’s education, will have to apply for loans and/or get two jobs just to pay for college. That is because Pell grants have become the next target in the Republican budget cut plan. Pell grants provide low-income families with financial aid from the government for a higher education.

Here are some quick statistics to go over:

In 2008, Latinos had the second highest poverty rate  in the country at 23.2 percent following African-Americans at 24.7 percent. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2009 43.6 million (14.3%) Americans were living poverty.

40 percent of Latino undergraduates receive Pell grants. Over all 9.4 million students will receive Pell grants in the next year.

Is it a coincidence that ever since the U.S. Census Bureau published the 2010 census report indicating that Hispanics/Latinos represent 16% of the total U.S. population that Republicans have become so aware of budget cuts? Could it be because most of those budget cuts would affect the poor among of which Latinos/Hispanics rank second?

In other words the Latino/Hispanic population  grew at rate of 43% since the last census. Coincidentally, 1 in 5 children of Latinos/Hispanic ethnicity, whose parents are U.S. citizens, make up school age kids.

Please watch the enclosed “2010 Hispanic Population Brief” based on the 2010 U.S. Census results. Our growth can only be slowed by economic roadblocks. Let us be smart about how we invest in our kids future and education. We no longer should salivate at the sight of the crumbs thrown our way. We deserve more.

Ustream Event: 2010 Census Brief — Hispanic Popluation

Once Again The Daily Show Nails It: Here Is to the Job Creators, Who Can No Longer Be Called Rich People

There are certain things in life that make the Rebeldes extremely happy. Héctor Lavoe. A good Iris Chacón video. Luis Miguel. Shakira. GOOOOL!!!! Messi. Chicharito.

But perhaps the one thing makes us HAPPIER than anything else is THE DAILY SHOW. We SWEAR that host John Stewart is a closeted Latino Rebel.

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¡Feliz Día Perú! The Rebels Celebrate Perú’s Independence

190 years ago, on July 28th, 1821 Peru declaró su independence from Spain and this year it’s celebration is a little sweeter with the swearing in ceremony of elected President Ollanta Humala and the Peruvian National team placing 3rd in this year’s Copa America.

So here at Latino Rebels decided to take out some time and honor the great people of Peru on its independence day by sharing with you this video about Peru in Nebraska??

Yes, don’t look for your SAP button, and if you are ever in Peru, Nebraska send us some pictures of you and the sheriff!!

Enjoy and que Viva el Peru!!!

-Jose Gabriel Condorcanqui

CANCIÓN DEL DÍA (27 de julio): Desi Arnaz y UN POQUITO DE TU AMOR

¡Que viva Desi! Este ícono cubano hacía cosas en Estados Unidos que nadie pensaba. Sí, era un poquito más blanquito que los demás, pero el cubanito sabía cantar.

Aquí les presentamos UN POQUITO DE TU AMOR:

A VIDEO DEDICATION to Congressman Luis “El Gallito Rebelde” Gutiérrez: FIGHT THE POWER

Yes, Congressman Luis Gutiérrez, just like Kasey Kasem, the Rebels once in a while with do a VIDEO DEDICATION. Now that we have anointed you as EL GALLITO REBELDE, you need a song.

How about a little PE in DA HOUSE?

Congressman Luis Gutierrez: Un Gallito Rebelde

Democratic  Congressman Luis Gutierrez of Illinois was arrested  along with other protesters yesterday afternoon in front of the White House. He refused to leave the premises as ordered by the U.S. Park Police. Gutierrez had long protested against the Washington D.C. establishment for its failure to pass the DREAM Act and reform immigration policies. Yesterday’s protest came in response to  ”President Obama’s address to the annual conference of the National Council of La Raza” (

Congressman Gutierrez has a long record fighting for what he believes is right.

  • He was arrested in May of 2010 at a similar immigration policy protest in front of the White House.
  • Gutierrez was a leader in the Vieques Movement which protested against bomb testing in the island of Vieques,off of Puerto Rico. In 2000, Gutierrez, along with almost two hundred others, was arrested for  refusing to leave the natural habitat that the US military was using as a bombing range.

The difference between Rep. Gutierrez, who is of Puerto Rican descent, and other members of Congress is that he speaks out fervently both outside and inside Washington without fearing the loss of his seat.

Click on the link below to see Gutierrez speak right before his arrest. He believes that President Obama has broad discretionary powers to pass the Dream Act. We can say that Luis Gutierrez is our ”Gallito Rebelde”.


Here is video of the arrest:

Ok Now That Football is Back, ESPN is Like Crackhead Tyrone Biggums

Ok, we HAVE football! Well, gringo football. And the ESPN machine is definitely back on crack. This morning on Sportscenter, with the news of a lockout now over, the ESPNERS were sucking on that crackpipe after a very LOOOOONG time.

Memo to Chris Berman, it’s only a game!!! Don’t be smoking it all up in 5 minutes. It’s a marathon. In the meantime, Chappelle is DA MAN!

VIDEO DEL DÍA (26 de julio de 2011): “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda” de THE POGUES

¿Saben qué? The Pogues son REBELDES. Viva Irlanda. Viva Shane MacGowan.

Esta canción, “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda,” es una de sus mejores. Una canción triste y trágica sobre el horror de lo que es la guerra.


Yo sería borincano aunque naciera en la Luna. ¡Es hora de despertarse, Puerto Rico!