Don’t Trust Canada: They Still Have HMV

¡Y seguimos de rumbo! Undercover, investigative reporter and all around follonero, Julito is still on the ground in enemy territory, doing his best to piss off all his Canadian readers, who are SO COMFORTABLE and relaxed with their SUPERIOR SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE and HOCKEY PLAYING WAYS… Since we last heard from him, he’s practically been told to go back to Mexico, which is pretty funny porque he’s Boricua! jejeje

We have on good authority that he’s taken the shovel and the rest of his Northern Wall building paraphernalia and begun building foundation and other necessary supports for what MUST HAPPEN…. to build the Northern Border Wall to protect us from the Northern invaders!


He now reports to us another shocking revelation in this video installment of his journey across enemy lines. ¡No me lo puedo creer! There are HMV’s in Canadá! ¡Ay Díos mío! Well, this is it! Let’s build that wall… ¡¡pero ya!!


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