Leaving Canada; Back in the USA

¡Por fin esta al salvo nuestro hermano rebelde, Julito! After two days undercover behind enemy lines, nuestro hermano & rebelde investigative reporter Julito is once again on anti-Latino, American soil! Whew! ¡Vaya aventura! He expected to be tempted by the enemy with their SUPERIOR SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE and HOCKEY PLAYING WAYS…


…And he was but some of the temptations he faced while performing essential reconnaissance ahead of the primordial work & effort that will be required to build the Northern Border Wall which will protect us from the Northern invaders have been, well, incredibly cruel and even cunning. Here… See for yourselves:

We were fortunate to obtain camera footage of the tense, grueling and at times hard to watch scenes of his emotional return to the divisive & racist homeland that he loves. You may want to usher small children out of the room before viewing the following two video clips:

Grab a box of tissues for this tearful moment when he reenters el parque de atracciones that is: “Gringo-landia!” Welcome home hermano! jejeje


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