Are you ready? The Latino Rebels are Getting our own TV Show!

¡Pero esto ya es la rehostia bendita coñooooo! The Rebeldes are going to have a TV show!!! You heard us right, baby! Details will be forthcoming but our founder, Julito has been in New York City this week doing his thing and took a minute to record a message for you… Oye Julito… Aren’t you at Grend Central Station? We thought we saw you in a trench coat… You pulling off a Latino Flash Mob there ¿o que? jejeje


OK, here’s the message from el Boricua with the plan… Stay tuned herman@s rebeldes… Fasten your seat belts because we are going on a ride and want and need you to hop in our metaphorical ’64 Chevy Impala that my tío Chuy did some work to and enjoy the HELL out of the ride we’re about to take… Bring it home for us, Julito! ¡¡GRITOOOOOO!!

Remember When The Cure Was Good? VIDEO OF THE DAY (July 9, 2011): “Jumping Someone Else’s Train”

Yes, The Cure used to be great and cool and hip before they got all pop music and mushy. In honor of their brilliance, we are going way back and featuring them today.

So, ¡¡¡que viva The Cure!!!!!