Oxford Dictionary Formally Announces “Job Creators” as the New Replacement Word for “Rich”

It’s official. No more phrases that say you are “filthy rich.” Now you MUST say “filthy job creator.”

Taking a cue from The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, the Oxford Dictionary of Gringo English made it official: JOB CREATOR is now the new word for RICH.

As a service to our readers, we offer some of the new changes in our language with this term:

  1. Are your a Fiddler on the Roof fan? Then you can sing to: “If I Were a Job Creator Man.”
  2. Beatles fans are now humming to “Baby, You’re a Job Creator Man.”
  3. The Hall and Oats pop classic “Job Creator Girl” will be reissued for Christmas record sales.
  4. Most celebrities will now be called “job creator and famous.” This will cause much havoc with the old skool Robin Leach show “Lifestyles of the Job Creator and Famous.”
  5. Robert Kiyosaki is pissed since he now needs to change all his book covers to read “Job Creator Dad, Poor Dad.” The same goes for the 1970s miniseries classic “Job Creator Man, Poor Man.”
  6. The following celebrities and their estates have also had to change their names: Job Creator-ie Valens, Job Creator Little, Buddy Job Creator.
  7. Other songs like “How to be a Job Creator” by ABC, “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Job Creators)” by the Pet Shop Boys and “Job Creator, Job Creator, Job Creator” by ABBA are also affected.
  8. Movies are also changing, such as “Get job Creator or Die Tryin’,” “Born Job Creator,” “Eat the Job Creators,” and “Job Creator Kids.”
  9. When you eat a very expensive and creamy dessert, you MUST say “Man, that [dessert] was so job creator.”
  10. All schemes will now be called “Get Job Creator Quick.”
As for Spanish, the Real Academia Española followed suit and basically said the following:
Joder, tíos, entonces para describir a los jodios idiotas que no quieren ayudar a Estados Unidos, de ahora en adelante, el término “CABRONES PUTOS DE PURA MIERDA” se utilizará en vez de “rico”

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