Spider-Man Has A New Arch Enemy: Glenn Beck

Glenn had a few words for the new Ultimate Spider-Man on his August 3rd edition of his radio show. Actually he had a (conspiracy) theory, as always, on the inspiration for the Miles Morales character. He believes The Ultimate Spider-Man character was conspired by the Obamas.

He starts off addressing the audience by saying, the new Spider-​Man is really quite great, he looks just like President Obama.” He also states “I think a lot of this stuff is being done intentionally. What was it that Mrs. Obama said before the campaign? Because its strange how so much of this seems to all be happening.”He plays an audio of Mrs. Obama stating  We’re going to have to change our traditions.”

Get with the program Beck, Marvel has applied real life situations and cultural change into their comics since their incerption into the world of comics. It’s time to come clean and admit that you share the fear of many Caucasians of the new diverse and multi-ethnic America . Marvel is only echoing and illustrating the change of times.  “Nuff said!”


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