¡¡Feliz Día, Ecuador!! We Rebeldes Salute You!


¡¡Feliz Día, Ecuador!!!

Today Ecuador celebrates its independence day!


 Back in 1830 some Rebeldes —we aren’t revealing who— decided that they did not want to be in the Republic of Gran Colombia (Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia) anymore after being part of it for 10 years. The result? The creation of un independiente Pais! Ecuador gets its name from, well, el Equator and it's know for its abundance of natural resources and being one of Sudamérica's diverse nations.

If you go there you must visit the Galápagos Islands. But the most Rebelde thing to date they have accomplished is to be one of the first Sudamericana nations to recognize indigenous land rights with its passing of its 2008 new constitution.

For that and many reasons more we salute you, Ecuador!



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