Texas Governor and Republican Candidate Rick Perry Thinks Global Warming is a Sham

So, Texas Governor Rick Perry, the new kid in town, has already had an interesting couple of days as he tries to craft his message. The candidate who acts like W but isn't W said a doozy yesterday in New Hampshire, criticizing scientists for going against their ethics and manipulating data on global warming for federal dollars.

“There are a substantial number of scientists who have manipulated data so that they will have dollars rolling into their projects,’’ Perry said yesterday. “I think we’re seeing almost weekly or even daily scientists who are coming forward and questioning the original idea that manmade global warming is what is causing the climate to change.’’

“And the cost to the country, and to the world, of implementing these anticarbon programs is in the billions if not trillions of dollars,’’ he added. “I don’t think, from my perspective, that I want America to be engaged in spending that much money on still a scientific theory that has not been proven.’’


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