Gunfire Shots During Santos-Morelia Soccer Game Suspend Match

As reported by CNN International and captured on YouTube, gunshots were fired outside a stadium during a soccer match between clubs Santos and Morelia in the city of Torreón in northern Mexico.


The CNN article reports the following:

Local soccer clubs Santos and Morelia were tied at 0-0 Saturday when gunmen attacked a nearby police station in Torreon city.

About 40 minutes into the match, thundering shots pierced through the noisy stadium. Players and referees took off, leaving a soccer ball at the center of the field.

Crowds ducked under seats as others scuttled through the field carrying children.

Commentators, who were dissecting the game seconds earlier, went quiet. "This is bad, I think it's gun shots," a sportscaster says in Spanish.

Military officials found an abandoned vehicle with weapons near the stadium after a ground and air surveillance, the Notimex news agency reported.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon said there were no fatalities. "Shots outside the Santos stadium creates panic in the Santos-Morelia game," the president said in a Twitter post. "The situation is under control," he tweeted.

Torreón is one of many northern Mexican cities suffering from drug violence.


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