Our Appearance on The Lou Show: It’s Time to Get Serious About Latino Politics

Here is our appearance today on The Lou Show, a progressive web show out of Arizona. Today Lou invited us to discuss the fact that the Tequila Party and founder Dee Dee García Blase had threatened us with a lawyer for expressing our opinions about their movement's silly name. García Blase also made some controversial comments about Puerto Ricans and their lack of understanding the plight of Mexican Americans

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As for Dee Dee —of which we have no personal grudge against, we just disagree with the fact that the name Tequila Party is silly— we will say this: good luck, but be transparent about your motives. And thanks for calling us "sexist pigs," Puerto Ricans who attack Mexican women (btw, there are 20 of us here, 10 of which are Latina), and Tea Party puppets of Sen. Marco Rubio (whom, if you knew about our content, we lovingly call Mark Blonde.) Te queremos mucho, Dee Dee, hope you can put your ego aside and truly work in a serious manner to help Latinos in this country. We think you have it in you, but the name is silly. Really silly. Like Monty Python silly.

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