Comedian Katt Williams Lashes Insults at Mexicans During Phoenix Show

Comedian Katt Williams, who made a name for himself on BET and movies, faced a heckler last night at a comedy show in Phoenix. When he confronted the heckler, Williams found out the person was of Mexican descent and began to get out of the comedy and go into a racist rant that is hard to describe.


While Williams' racist insults continue as the crowd eggs him on, he is heard saying, "Motherfucker thinks you can live in this country and still be allegience to another country. You know how white people said to us [blacks], 'Go Back to Africa' and we didn't want to? Well, if you love Mexico, bitch, get the fuck over there."

Here is the video of the performance.


As a Black Woman who looks part Mexican, I have to honestly say we love our Mexican ppl, I luv their ability to adapt and progress, their culture, their feisty spirit and "oh yes," their cooking too. Mexicans are loving ppl Luv you to Kat but, you need to see life realistically,ike most black ppl do. We've always embraced other cultures even those that were cruel to us, it's not in our nature to dislike others no matter what others might think. Never let other perpetuate, just to make us seperate. We have to be smart and know what we are up against.