After Issuing Apology, Most of Our Readers Think Katt Williams is Lame

This morning, CNN reported that comedian Katt Williams, whose seven-minute Mexican rant at a show in Phoenix last weekend has sparked a social media uproar demanding apologies and boycotts, had issued a statement apologizing for his actions.

This is what he said:


My remarks were not meant to be offensive. I want to apologize if my comedy act was taken out of context. I sincerely appreciate my fans within the Mexican community and would never intentionally go out of my way to offend them.

We asked our readers what they thought about the apology, both on our Facebook and Twitter pages. The response was overwhelmingly clear: Katt Williams has one bad public relations person. Lame.

Here is just a sampling of our reader comments:

Anybody can say I'm sorry. His apology is BS. His words were not comedy they cut deep….they were words of an ignorant Racist!! So no his so called apology means nothing to me!!!!

If it's the same apology that said he was taken out of context, with no explanation attached, then no, he definetely didn't mean it. If anything this supposed apology is just as bad as the original offense because he's saying that we're not worth giving a sincere apology

Interesting how 1st he apologizes for the inconvenience, not the humiliation 2nd he says he is sorry it was taken out of context <- implying he is not sorry. Is he really sorry or he just doesn't get it. But you know what, we can't force people to change, at least he felt the pressure and had to give the face. Well done :)

That apology is a smack in the face. It's not a real apology.. Keep the heat turned up until he goes on YouTube and admits what he said was wrong and ask for forgiveness. If not, not only Mexicans will not support him, but ALL Latin Americans won't!!!!!

It would be nice if he would do research and then write a paper about the genocide and native slavery in the New World.

it hurts me alot up to this very day any losing my brother. Katy Williams should be grateful for ALL Mexican Americans who lost their lives for him. Bastard.

I would take his apology with a grain of salt, he meant every word. He is stupid.

Yea its garbage






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