Who Sings Herman Cain’s “I Am America” Song? The American Idol of the Tea Party

So, we all know about the now-famous Hermain Cain "smoking" video and the buzz it caused last week. But what about the catch "I Am America" song that we can't get out of our head? Who sings that? 

It is Krista Branch, whose song has become a Tea Party anthem. An American Idol finalist, Branch has found her niche, as her bio states.


[Branch's] popularity has recently been boosted by the release of her single, "I Am America."  The music video has become a YouTube sensation and has sparked interest in booking Krista for rallies and concerts around the nation.  It has since landed her appearances on Fox & Friends, The O'Reilly Factor and many other national programs. As media attention for Krista's music has consistently grown, she has been asked to perform at events with Glenn Beck and has shared a stage with many well known figures including Sarah Palin, as well as most of the current presidential candidates. Her song "I Am America" has been named the official song of the Herman Cain campaign.


Krista now lives in Nashville, Tennessee where she is working on her upcoming album. She is a devoted wife, mother, patriot, and a woman of deep faith.  

New Al-Jazeera Investigative Report Focuses on Koch Brothers

Via YouTube, this investigative report reveals secret recordings of Koch brother meetings with supporters.

Video del día: LATIN LINGO de Cypress Hill

¡A bailar con el Latino Lingo!

¡Uno de los mejores raperos en la historia del rap!

The First Annual Lloronathon on Saturday, October 29 in Phoenix



The 1st Annual Lloronathon • Saturday, October 29 at South Mountain Community College in PHX!

Crystal Water Ghost by Patricia Thornham, SMCC

SMCC is located at 7050 North 24th Street- just north of Baseline Road, Phoenix

Storytellers include: Olga LoyaStella Pope DuarteLiliana De-LeonPatricia Federico, and others.

Scheduled Performances (so far) include:

12:00 Noon

Live Painting on the PAC Patio with Monica –Gisel Crespo, Veronica Verdugo-Lomeli, Lalo Cota and Joe Ray. Painting on a large 15 x 6 foot canvas as stories are told

12:30 – 2:30 pm

Storytelling Training and Video- recording for Arizona Republic’s Arizona Storytellers website in PAC 740 ([email protected] to reserve a spot)

1:00 – 2:30 pm

Medea by Charles Ludlam in Performance Hall,  PAC 708 ($5, free to students with i.d.)

1:00 – 2:15 pm

Storytelling and Spoken Word: Renowned bilingual storyteller and author Olga Loya, Local Speakers, dancers from the SMCC Dance Dept. and Storytellers of the SMCC Storytelling Institute will tell stories of La Llorona from around the world, PAC Patio.

2:15 – 2:30 pm

DJ Jonathan Gonzalez, PAC Amphitheatre Patio

2:30 – 3:45 pm

Storytelling and Spoken Word: Olga Loya, Local Speakers, dancers from the SMCC Dance Dept., and Storytellers of the SMCC Storytelling Institute will tell stories of La Llorona from around the world, PAC Patio.

4:00 – 4:45 pm

Stella Pope Duarte, American Book Award Winner, will read from her works, discuss the significance of Dia de los Muertos, and perform her poem “La Llorona Weeps Tonight” with Liliana De-Leon of Flor and Piedra

5:00 – 6:30 pm

Medea – Twilight Performance in the PAC Patio and Amphitheatre

For details on times please call Liz Warren with Storytelling Institute for more Information:

602.243.8026 [email protected]

Powerful #OWS Video Crystalizes the Message and Offers a History Lesson

From YouTube:

© Lalo Alcaraz of http://laloalcaraz.com



Uploaded by  on Oct 3, 2011

READ: http://tinyurl.com/why-ows
WATCH: http://www.DCDouglas.com
LEARN MORE: http://occupywallst.org/

Actor, voice over talent and non-political figure D.C. Douglas chimes in with his take on OWS – Occupy Wall Street. 

Thanks for the amazing support my video has received! Special thanks to John Cusack, Roseanne Barr, Karoli, OneVoice2, MoveOn.org, Charles Gaba & Daily Kos and Lawrence O'Donnell (for airing a portion on The Last Word 10/11/11)!

Video features:
Elizabeth Warren (Bookended)
#OccupyBoston General Assembly
Senator Byron Dorgan
Alan Greenspan
Senator Carl Levin
Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs
Senator Susan Collins
Daniel Sparks, Goldman Sachs POS
Representative Alan Grayson
Senator Bernie Sanders
Democracy Now Anchor


Our favorite poster of the entire #OWS movement which we feature here was created by the extremely talented Lalo Alcaraz of LaloAlcaraz.com

Why Marco Rubio’s Family History Story Matters

To those who will support Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio's comments about his family history, which he has now changed from his official campaign story, they will just ignore this post.

The AP reported over the weekend that support for Rubio was unwavering in some circles, especially in the Miami exile community, which has had a long history of criticzing the communist governement of Fidel Castro and have fervently supported a US embargo of Cuba that is now entering its fifth decade.

… Sean Spicer, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, said the attacks will only make Rubio stronger by causing Republicans to come to his defense.

"There's no question he has an amazing life story. His family came here to pursue a better life, and that is all accurate. There's folks out there who have seen a great success story and are plotting to figure out how to take him down," Spicer said.

The head of the Miami-based Cuban American National FoundationPepe Hernandez, himself an exile and longtime opponent of Castro, said Rubio's parents' initial departure date was unimportant.

"There were a number of people who came here during the Batista regime because they were against Batista somehow," he said. "Then they returned to Cuba when Castro came in because they thought now things were going to change, and then after some time they realized this was not going to happen."

"Maybe their case is not exactly the same. They really came here as immigrants, but the second time the reason was that they couldn't live in Cuba under those circumstances. I don't see any difference between his parents and myself and everyone else who came here."

Former Sen. Mel Martinez who left Cuba as a teenager after the revolution, said the Post story showed "a gross lack of understanding about the Cuban exile experience. The fact is that they would not have left Cuba permanently if not for extreme fear of persecution and in search of freedom, like so many of us did."

Ok, even with the support of fellow Cuban Americans (Sen. Martinez, can you really compare 1956 to 1961 in terms of what "extreme fear of persecution" really means? And why do Cubans have the sole possession on political repression? Maybe the good senator can talk to El Salvadorians, Nicaraguans, Chileans, Argentines, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Bolivians, etc?), the fact is: Rubio told one story while he was running for US Senate, but he has now changed his story after the truth about his family was shared. But we will give Rubio the benefit of the doubt, even though his explanation is another sad example of K-Street spin, the same type of Washington actions that Rubio railed against when we was the Latino Tea Party Darling of Florida.

And yes, this story would not affect Rubio's national appeal as a potential GOP 2012 VP candidate if only Cubans were the only Latinos in the United States who vote. Even with their poltical clout on US Cuban policy, Cuban Americans constitute a very small percentage of the estimated 55 million US citizens who of are Latino descent. And that is Rubio's problem.

The major voting bloc, and some would argue, the true swing vote in the US Latino population is of Mexican American descent and in states such as Arizona (where Presdident Obama currently leads in the latest polls against Republican canidates), Nevada, and Colorado, Rubio's change of his family's story will have it issues, if indeed he were to earn the VP nomination.

In states where the issues of immigration are still raw in the minds of Latino voters, Rubio has lost some political credibility. The senator, who is not a proponent of comprehensive immigration reform, can longer claim with 100% accuracy that he comes from a family of exiles. In fact, his family took advantage of the many same immigration policies of the 1950s that people from other Latin American countries did. To many, his flip-flop statements about his own history raise several complex questions about what it is to be Latino in 21st-century America.

While the vast majority of US Latino voters see the economy as a major issue, the issue of where you came from still hits home with many. Rubio's actions played with identity politics and now that his hands got caught in the cookie jar, he has stumbled. And that, we think, will be something most US Latino voters will remember.

VIDEO: Florida Republican Senator @marcorubio Blames Family Immigrant Story on “Lore”

And the spin is spinning hard today from the office of Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

This afternoon around 12:55 pom EST, MSNBC broadcast on its ticker that Rubio is blaming the fact that his parents arrived in the United States as legal immigrants in 1956 before Fidel Castro's takeover of Cuba on the last day of 1959 and not as political exiles after Castro came into power (his previous official campaign story) on "lore."

MSNBC posted a story today at around 12:40 EST that reports the following:

Rubio admitted he may have some dates wrong, but he defended the essence of his family's history. He said any notion that he made up the story of his parents’ migration to score political points is simply outrageous.

The story continues:

Rubio said Thursday he got the dates wrong, and that his parents came to the U.S. in 1956, which is two years before Fidel Castro came to power. He denied that he embellished the story.

"My parents came to this country because they were looking for a better life, but ultimately, they always hoped they could return to their home country … For obvious reasons they couldn’t and didn’t," Rubio said. "I would just say this about the whole thing: I’ve run on a couple of things, but being perfect isn’t one of them. Do I wish I had known those dates earlier? Absolutely. Does it change anything? Absolutely not."

Here is the video from Orlando Channel 2 (video is not snycing but audio is fine):

Last Night on @TheDailyShow: #OccupyOakland

From The Daily Show last night: "Everything's going well among those who have taken to the streets to protest America's wealth inequality — except in Oakland."

There is a reason why Jon Stewart is required viewing. Here is the proof.

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Parks and Demonstration - Oakland Riot
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On @TheDailyShow: GOP So Extreme, Pat Robertson Says “Shut Up, Guys!”


Last Night on The DailyShow:

Indecision 2012 – The Great Right Hope – The 180 Club

Pat "Gay People Cause Hurricanes" Robertson expresses concern for how extreme the Republican party has gotten.

The first rule about Right Club? Don't talk about Right Club.

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Indecision 2012 - The Great Right Hope - The 180 Club
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The AP Posts Raw Video of Police Clashes at #OccupyOakland

Via YouTube from The Associated Press:

Dozens of police in riot gear and hundreds of protesters in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement clashed in downtown Oakland Tuesday, with authorities using tear gas to respond to demonstrators' repeated agitations. (Oct. 26)