Last Night on @TheDailyShow: Jason Jones Slays It With a Brilliant Piece on Mexican Immigration

Can The Daily Show get any better?

The answer is ¡SÍ, CARNAL!

Last night on The Daily Show, correspondent Jason Jones did a piece on Mexican immigration that is brilliant on so many levels:

1. It addressed the biggest issue going on with draconian immigration laws: no one is working the fields any more!

2. Jones WENT to Mexico to finish the segment. Can we just say that the bit with the college students was just classic?

3. And the Mexican comedy show, with Jones dressed like a frat boy Cantiflas? Are you flipping kidding me?

Satire and comedy can be brilliant when it approaches controversy with wit and intelligence. Jones and The Daily Show did more in three minutes to address immigration issues and our relations with Mexico than most people have done for years.

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