Who Sings Herman Cain’s “I Am America” Song? The American Idol of the Tea Party

So, we all know about the now-famous Hermain Cain "smoking" video and the buzz it caused last week. But what about the catch "I Am America" song that we can't get out of our head? Who sings that? 

It is Krista Branch, whose song has become a Tea Party anthem. An American Idol finalist, Branch has found her niche, as her bio states.


[Branch’s] popularity has recently been boosted by the release of her single, "I Am America."  The music video has become a YouTube sensation and has sparked interest in booking Krista for rallies and concerts around the nation.  It has since landed her appearances on Fox & Friends, The O'Reilly Factor and many other national programs. As media attention for Krista's music has consistently grown, she has been asked to perform at events with Glenn Beck and has shared a stage with many well known figures including Sarah Palin, as well as most of the current presidential candidates. Her song "I Am America" has been named the official song of the Herman Cain campaign.


Krista now lives in Nashville, Tennessee where she is working on her upcoming album. She is a devoted wife, mother, patriot, and a woman of deep faith.  


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