Donald Trump Calls Jon Stewart “Racist” for @TheDailyShow Cain Segment

Yesterday Donald Trump weighed in on Monday's Herman Cain segment on The Daily Show, calling host Jon Stewart "racist."


Here is what the Donald said.

And here is the Stewart segment.

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What is interesting to note is that Trump might have actually focused on the wrong issue on his YouTube video, since his comment about the "Lindbergh baby kidnapping" was clearly taken out of context, since the point Stewart was making is that Cain's own words that he has never been accused of sexual harassment except for the incident with the National Restaurant Association seemed illogical.

If Trump had any beef, we could say it was The Daily Show's edit of Cain's "black walnuts" comment or the porn-like funk music during the image of a slow-smiling Cain.

Nonetheless, race is playing a part of the Cain Affair, although maybe not as one expected. With Trump calling for Stewart to apologize and Ann Coulter's comments that "our blacks are better than their blacks", the GOP strategy and Cain's defenders are going the route of the "high-tech lynching" strategy of Clarence Thomas, when he was up for a Supreme Court nomination. Now the GOP is the Great Black Defender, and yes, it will play well with its base.

But like Avenue Q says, everyone is a little bit racist. But are Cain's problems coming out because he is a black candidate or is it because he is a man who was accused by two women for sexual harassment? And if Cain's accusers do become public and we find out that they are black, why does that mean?

So, what do you think about Trump's comments?



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