Dear @ThinkMexican: If You Are Going to Criticize Us, Use the Facts

Who knows what drives people to crap on others on the Internet? When we call out others, it is likely to present an opinion that might add to the dialogue with the goal that we all learn more from it. Sure, we have tons of friends, but we are very aware that we are not everyone's cup of tea. As we grow to become a 21st century media company and open-source agency, we will have our detractors. And they have every right to criticize us, but we have every right to defend ourselves.

Which is why we were a bit perturbed by the social media account of Think Mexican, a group that celebrates Mexican culture and life. They are a page that interests us for their content and what they do to promote Latino unity, but there is a difference when they call for unity with their page but then call us out with another. Like mamita used to say, practice what you preach.

It started last night on Twitter, when the TM Twitter account posted this. (Full disclosure: Think Mexican's Facebook page has blocked us from liking their page, which is sad, since a lot of the links they share are relevant to the 85% of readers we have who are under 25 and of Mexican descent.) This is what Think Mexican posted last night: 



Think Mexican

For those not aware,  is the work of a Puerto Rican marketer using the image of Emiliano Zapata to appeal to Mexicans. Scam!

A few things to note:

  1. Yes, Latino Rebels was formed by Julio Ricardo Varela (@julito77 on Twitter). He is of Puerto Rican descent. He graduated by Harvard University with a cum laude BA in the History and Literature of Latin America, having focused on Puerto Rican, Cuban, Mexican, and Argentine history while at Harvard. Julito has over 20 years in the LATAM world, working with professionals from all over Latin America, creating jobs in places such as San Juan, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Santiago, and Monterrey. He believes in promoting the vibrant world of the US Latino, and has a deep love and knowledge of Latin American culture.
  2. The Rebels are over 20+ strong contributors, social media managers, administrators, bloggers, photographers, performers, and writers. Seven of them are Puerto Rican, seven of them are of Mexican descent, with others from the DR, Venezuela, Perú, Spain, and Central America. We formed this group to use our power in numbers and social media expertise to create a LATINO DAILY SHOW vibe that combines comedy, analysis, blogging, content production, and social media to present the world of the US Latino in the 21st century.
  3. How do we make money? From our clients. We make no money from our followers , nor do we ask them for money. Clients hire us to run their social media accounts and to get to the key under 25 demographic of Latinos in the US and Latin America. We have run several high-profile campaigns that have brough clients new followers and millions of tweets. Like Univision.
  4. Zapata is an iconic image to many of us. He reflects the sense of rebellion we all have in us. He just HAPPENS to be Mexican, and if you know anything about us, we have also used images of Martí, Sor Juana, Albizu Campos and other Latin American Rebeldes who have questioned the status quo and have made this world better. They inspire us every day.
  5. We would like to ask Think Mexican if they think we are making money off Zapata's image. We are not, and we are more than happy to share the facts about our company with them, but since they have blocked us, we can't.
  6. By the way, we also pay all out contributors for posting to our sites.

We understand that the Internet provides several options and content pages, and that our company is not the right feel for many. That is cool. But if you want to crap on us, at least take into account some of the facts.

If Think Mexican or anyone else has any questions about us or about what do, they are more than happy to contact us via our social media networks or on this page. We aren't hiding anything, and we don't have any secret exploitative agendas.

What we stand for is what we have always stood for: to encourage people to think for themselves, to question when we see injustices in portayals of US Latinos in mainstream, to call out those who take advantage of what it is to be Latino in the US, and here's a shocker, to not take it so damn seriously.

Yes, as we open our minds, we like to laugh once in a while. Maybe Think Mexican should take the advice and also just worry about themselves, but we welcome the negative energy. It only makes us stronger and more committed to our vision.


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