Gingrich Supports Controversial South Carolina Immigration Law

Newt Gingrich's latest backpedal takes place in South Carolina where he strongly supported the tough anti-Latino Arizona-like anti-immigration law. The 

new law requires proof of legal U.S. residency from anyone who is arrested or pulled over by police.

Gingrich stated, "South Carolinians have actually passed a law that I think is a pretty reasonable law – that basically says if you pull somebody over for legitimate reasons, you can ask them whether or not they're a citizen." He goes on to say "This is the opposite of sanctuary states. Think of it as enforcement society rather than a sanctuary society."  After watching police officers pepper spray, beat and unlawfully manhandle peaceful Occupy Wall Street protesters, one would think we are already living in a enforcement society. 

In another not so surprising statement, Gingrich said,  "Here's a simple way to pin it: President Obama sided with Mexico. I will side with South Carolina." 

If anyone had any doubt that these anti-immigration laws racially profiled, the proof is in Newt's latest statement. He reestablished his stance on Tea Party extremism and confirmed these anti-immigration laws are nothing more than anti-Latino racist laws stamped with the Republican party's approval. 

Last Night on @TheDailyShow: “Pepper Spray is America’s New Car Horn”

So, The Daily Show took a week off, but last night it came back strong, especially with the Pepper Spray segment.

Yup, Jon Stewart was able to connect it all: #OWS, #UCDavis, #BlackFriday. Enjoy.

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