To Everyone in our Universe: ¡GRACIAS! Our 2011 Video

We just want to take a moment to thank EVERYONE who took the time to be part of our community. To anyone who tweeted with us, shared with us, made us laugh, agreed with us, disagred with us, labeled us, celebrated us, yelled at us, laughed at us, sang with us, made fun of us, and told us to go back to Mexico or al infierno, we say THANK YOU and GRACIAS!!!!!!

Here is our special video for you. Music by La Plebe. Thank you for allowing us to use your song as our soundtrack.

We love Mercedes Sosa and we love punk, and we love the combination.

Stop the Deportation of José Pedro Mejía

This is one deportation case where being humane should trump anything else. If you are not moved by this woman's story and her love of her husband, then this country is clearly in trouble. Please take a moment to click here and sign the petition. This one is special to us.



My hubby José Pedro Mejía (A# 087-042-687) and I have been married 11 years. Jose has been in the US for 13 years. He came here from his tiny village in Mexico, where he was mired in poverty and was unable to find work. Shortly after we were married I became ill and was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. November 2007 they determined that I had approximately 6 months to live – I needed a double-lung transplant. 

After agonizing back and forth with doctors about whether I qualified for the surgery, I was notified one morning that I was to be listed on the organ necessity list at about 9am. Three hours later the nurse informed me i was #1 on the list and to get to the hospital immediately, there was a match. January 9, 2008 I was transplanted. My recovery has been horrible. I take 30 meds a day. My sternum had to be broken for access to my lungs and has not healed. Through this all my husband has honored his promised "in sickness and in health." My husband makes sure I eat and take my meds. He cleans, cooks, does laundry and helps me bathe when necessary. I have blackout periods where I appear awake but have no memory of certain blocks of time. Without him to care for me I hate to think where I'd be. 



I offered to divorce him so he could find someone young and healthy like him. But his support has never wavered. But now, he could be taken away from me because of his immigration status. We have applied numerous times for an adjustment of his status, all denied. We filed an appeal June 2010. Also denied. Recently my husband received a notice to appear for a hearing at immigration court for removal proceedings. I'm doing all I can to keep him here. 

My husband is the perfect example of what the Morton memo describes as meeting prosecutorial discretion. For all they have put ME through, a US citizen, I want him to be approved legal permanent status and eventually we will work towards citizenship.

Please tell USCIS: stop the deportation of my husband and allow him to file for legal permanent residency. 


Dear President Obama, Free Oscar López Rivera

He is entering his 30th year as a political prisoner in the United States, and even after he served another 10 years as a condition of a commuted sentence by President Bill Clinton, Puerto Rico's Oscar López Rivera is still in jail.

It is time to free him. Please share, post, and let your friends know that López Rivera should be free. For more information, visit this page. You can download a letter to ask for his release here.


VIDEO DEL DÍA: Roy Brown y “Boricua en la Luna” (En vivo, 1995)

Para todos los boricuas, encontramos este video de 1995 donde Roy Brown canta una de sus canciones más bellas.

¡Viva Puerto Rico!

Maricopa County Police Lt. Mike Stauffer Speaks Out Against Atencio Death Inside Jails of @RealSheriffJoe

Looks like the holiday break has done little to tone done the pressure against Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, who calls himself America's Sheriff. Today, ran a statement by MCSO Police Lt. Mike Stauffer that condemned the actions of Arpaio's office —the office Stauffer works for—for its handling of the death of Ernest "Marty" Atencio. (The Guardian did a very detailed report of the incident here.)

As Stauffer, who is running against Arpaio in the next election for MCSO Sheriff, says in his statement:

As sheriff, I will not tolerate this behavior or this attitude. I will not tolerate those who stand by and allow this type of incident to take place. Know that the days of covering up behind stalling tactics are over. The cover-up is frequently worse than the incident itself. The MCSO is under a microscope. Even if it was not, I expect all the employees should understand that they are held to a very high standard of conduct and will be held accountable for their actions. I am outraged that even one employee of the MCSO would stand by as this incident unfolded and did nothing to intervene. I am outraged by the atmosphere and attitude fostered by Arpaio that allowed this to happen. Know that those who continue to carry this attitude will have no place at the MCSO.

Stauffer also referred to an undedited video from the MCSO jail where Atencio was being detained and where he died:

Stauffer concluded:


The vague statement issued by Chief McIntyre that night after the story broke suggests an attempt to cover up the situation. His statement indicates that there was no in-custody death that night, an outright falsehood. The week delay in releasing the video and the timing of the release further suggests an all out attempt to bury the story by the MCSO.

These situations require an open, timely release of preliminary findings. Delay and vagueness only fuel anger and distrust in the community. Hiding behind a wall of silence is not appropriate. The leader of the organization must be front and center and accountable to the community. Only in this way can the organization be trusted to do what is right.

Reportaje de The Onion: Gobierno mexicano construye muro para bloquear a los ASSHOLES gringos

The Onion is the gold standard and this video below says it all.

¡Y en español también!


Mexico Builds Border Wall To Keep Out U.S. Assholes

Santa Claus Makes an Unexpected Surprise on Spanair Flight: Anything is Possible

We searched a bit for a Christmas video and then we found this from Spanair.

Sabemos que el 2011 era un año difícil para muchos, y les deseamos una felices fiestas y muchas bendiciones para el 2012. Todo es posible.

We know that 2011 was a very difficult year for many, but we wish you all a happy holiday and many blessings for 2012. Anything is possible.

(Still) Blogging For Obama


“Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson (via Jose Ometeotl)


To say that President Obama is being “damned with faint praise” is to admit that some people’s expectations of him border on the ridiculous, and so his failure to achieve their policy goals or to fix the entire nation in three years make them appear petulant and absurd.

The latest in this line of “disgruntled supporters”, Matt Damon should actually be taking lessons from his Ocean’s Eleven mentor, George Clooney. Instead of deriding the President’s “lack of balls” (no, I’m not going to delve into the psycho-sexual fascination with black men’s genitalia here), he should be acknowledging the president’s inheritance, and the myriad successes he has been able to accomplish despite political opposition and intransigence, from both the “conservadems” and the Republican elected officials who’s stated goals have been recalcitrance, opposition and defeat of each and every initiative THIS president supports.

As we move into the election year, it is important to realize that the Republican candidates for president cannot honestly argue that President Obama hasn’t been successful in leading the country. He has ended the war in Iraq, assassinated Osama bin Laden, decimated Al Qaeda, shepherded the removal of Hosni Mubarak and Mohmar Qaddafi, staved off a national depression, turned the economy around (gaining jobs instead of losing, unemployment dropping) and passed a host of legislation aimed at “promoting the general welfare”. A very abbreviated list:

The Lily Ledbetter Act - equal pay for women

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act

Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009

Native American Heritage Day Act of 2009

James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner, and Roy K. Moore Federal Building, Jackson, Mississippi

Saving the Auto Industry

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

That was then. This is now.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Act of 2010

Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010

James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010

While there are a few areas where I have been disappointed with the actions of the President and his administration, most notably:

PATRIOT Act Extension

FISA Sunsets Extension Act of 2011

PATRIOT Sunsets Extension Act of 2011

I don’t expect that he’ll do exactly what I want him to do on every issue. Unlike Michael Moore and Bill Maher, I don't think that because I disagree with him sometimes that he's somehow "more white" or "less black". I do, however, support the job he has done and his presidency, and I’ll be working and writing just as hard in 2012 as I did in 2008 for his election.

And I expect those who supported him in 2008, whether members of the “Professional Left” or individual citizens to do so as well. I have many friends and acquaintances whose disappointment on signature issues has clouded their vision, undermined their confidence, or blinded them to the successes and the progress on the road to recovery that Barack Obama has managed to accomplish in the last three years.

George Clooney on President Obama

But I'm definitely here to help them see more clearly.

2011, BUH-BYE!: Jib Jab Produces Hilarious End of Year Music Video

2011. What a year.

And Jib Jab sends one of the most momentuous years in recent history the right way: with a song!!!!!


The Official Response by @RealSheriffJoe Regarding Department of Justice Civil Rights Accusation Report




Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference Statements From 12/15/11

Sheriff’s Response to DOJ Letter

December 15, 2011

(Maricopa County, AZ)  The following statements were made by Sheriff Joe  Arpaio during a press conference held on 12/15/11 in response to the 22 page Department of Justice letter received 1 hour prior to DOJ press conference. 

“Before we get started today, I want to say something to the citizens of Arizona and the rest of the nation. On the surface, it may appear that today’s findings and actions by our federal government are directed towards this Sheriff and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. The truth of the matter is that this is a sad day for America as a whole.

Today, the federal government moved to do everything it can to put this agency out of the illegal immigration enforcement business. We are proud of the work we have done to fight illegal immigration. We have been responsible for finding and identifying 25% of the nation’s illegal alien criminal offenders through the 287G program. Sadly, much of that work will no  longer be permitted by the Obama administration.

Today the federal government cancelled our 287 G agreement. What that means is that we are no longer able to verify the immigration status of any criminal offender brought into our jails. This was a program responsible for detecting over 44,000 illegal alien criminal offenders since 2007, many of whom we can assume were deported by ICE officials back to their country of origin.

Now with the cancellation of this agreement, illegal criminal offenders arrested and brought into my jails will go undetected and ultimately dumped back onto a street near you. For that, you can thank your federal government.

By their actions today, President Obama and his band of merry men might as well erect their very own pink neon sign at the Arizona-Mexico border saying Welcome All Illegals to your United States…. Our home is your home.

On Sept 28, 2011, President Obama was questioned at the White House, by Hispanic journalist and asked why there was no resolution in the civil rights investigation against me for allegedly racially profiling Hispanics. He stated that he had to be careful to comment on individual cases handled by the DOJ. 

The president stated he challenged the AZ Law (1070) that was supported by me, because he thought there was a great danger of naturalized citizens with Latino surnames could potentially be vulnerable to questioning.

It is interesting that after 100 days in Office by President Obama, that the Democrat Chairmen of the judiciary Committee in Congress initiated this investigation.

After all this time, the head of the DOJ Civil Rights Division, who reports to Attorney General Holder, held a press conference December 15, 2011, which is 2 days after the Supreme Court agreed to accept the 1070 lawsuit.  

It’s also interesting that Perez came to Phoenix for the press conference on the anniversary of the brave border patrol agent Brian Terry’s death, who was killed because of the failed Justice department’s “Fast and Furious” case, which is presently holding hearings this week on Attorney General Eric Holder.

Just this week, 2 Democrat Latino US Congress men from Arizona, joined by several other Latino Legislatures want me to resign my office.  All of these same Democratic elected officials, throughout the years, have been criticizing my enforcement of State and Federal Illegal immigration law.

Candidates for President of the United States – Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann recently visited me in my office, Texas Governor Rick Perry and Mitt Romney also called me – all interested in my successful enforcement of illegal immigration and asked for my endorsement.

Recently in New Hampshire, I endorsed Texas Governor Rick Perry for President of the United States.  It should be noted that all this political activity made national news.

The Justice Department takes issues with our policies in the jails – it should be noted, the US Marshall Office, under the Department of Justice, gave my Office high marks.  In the past when we did a crime suppression operation in Guadalupe, high homeland security officials were present and praised us for my operations stating we performed in a professional manner, even though this operation caused some controversy in that town. 

We have a civil rights racial profiling case brought by the ACLU, which will be before a federal judge with oral argument on summary judgment next week. Is the DOJ press conference, among other reasons, geared to poison the court against our position in this civil rights case?” states Sheriff Arpaio.