Our First Troll Blocks: Why Once In a While, You Just Have to Do It

In the interest of transparency and full disclosure, we blocked two IP addresses today due to constant commenting by two very active accounts that in essence took issue with some of the blog posts about Latino issues and politics. Although this type of action is something we don't flaunt arbitrarily, we felt that it was in our perrogative as a private media company that actually welcomes open debate and discussion. However, when comments reach a point of incessant noise and trolling that add no more value to a discussion thread and borders on homophobic ignorance, we decided to put our policy guidelines into action.

We won't reveal many details about the action, but we will say that when trolls just comment to comment and question our intent, we decided to end the silliness. Granted, we understand fully well that we will always have our detractors and critics, but what we won't promote is an atmosphere of nastiness and personal insults. In the end, if the Trolls had just made their points in a logical and respectful way, we would have let them continue to visit this page. But they weren't respectful, they weren't civil, and their actions weren't cool. You can take shots at us any time, we don't mind, but when those shots are childish, we find they no longer find a place on our page.

Now if the Trolls want to crap all over us somewhere, that is fine. That is the beauty of the Internet: you can always find a place to gripe, but in this case, we asked the Trolls to go find another site to vent.

In the meantime, we move on.


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