Latino Rebels Are Proud to Support Capicu’s 5th Annual Pa’l Pueblo Holiday Party

Dec 15, 2011
3:44 pm

Tomorrow night, Friday December 16, some of the Rebels will be celebrating with our friends from Capicu Poetry for their 5th Annual Pa'l Pueblo Holiday Party. This community event will benefit children of Brooklyn's Bushwick United Head Start "Toys for Head Start" program. If you cannot make this event, you can still make an online donation (like we will be doing) at this link: P'al Pueblo Holiday Party.


We had a chance to chat with the great George "Urban Jíbaro" Torres, one of the driving forces behind Capicu Poetry:

As a Latino blogger, why is this event to important to you personally?

"My community loves too see us in action, even though it may not be in their backyard. With Pa'l Pueblo we have been able to find former New Yorkers (many from Brooklyn) that remember similar programs from they were kids. And they help us because they remember what it was like to be that kid."

Can you share any stories of previous events and how it touched the lives of kids?

"My most touching Pa'l Pueblo story was a woman who saw me after we distributed gifts to her child's class. She told me that our gift will be rewrapped and be the only gift he would receive that Christmas.

"Here is one from the kids – just the excitement, remember these are Head Start kids that love the whole idea of Santa. I love when they sing Latino Christmas carols to us… Something really beautiful about kids of all races singing Mi Burrito Sabanero.

Why is it important to "give back"?

"I would not have had the life I had if the leaders in my community did not give back. It is so easy to move out and not look back especially when there maybe painful memories growing up under financial hardship.

"It is important to give back because you will set the example for that young person and let them know that a single act of kindness can make a difference…and it will as we continue to address our community issues one by one. 

Giving back is my way of paying homage to the placed that raised me and planted the seeds of who I am. I think we (Capicu) will always have that part of us that needs to build community through giving, but not just for the sake of giving. But to build a cycle of paying it forward.

Here is more information about the event:

Capicu Poetry in association with EvilOlive Bar has partnered together once more to host the 5th Annual Pa'L Pueblo" Charity Holiday Drive. Toy donations and proceeds from the door will benefit children of Brooklyn's Bushwick United Head Start "Toys For Head Start" program founded by Capicu Poetry. In the past, we raised enough funds for 100 kids (one Bushwick United school), but this year, we are trying to step it up and get toys for over 200 kids (two schools). The schools are really multicultural and were set up in the 70's by latino community activists for the poor and special needs kids in the hood. Sad to say that for some of these kids the one toy they get from us is the only toy they get that Christmas.

This event will be hosted by co-founder Papo Swiggity and La Sensacion, also a delicious traditional Latin cuisine, poetry, comedy and community.

**Special performances by:
Comedian Victor Cruz (Law & Order, Ugly Betty, 30 Rock & much more), 
Parranda by Brooklyns own Estampas De Boriquen, 
& Hip Hop by the son of the first latin rapper to go Platinum, CHRIS RIVERS (AKA BABY PUN)! 
Also bringing u live Tee Shirt printing by Rebelution Ink, Capicu cookie treats by Boo's Bakes, 
art by Mia ArtbyMia Roman 
and pro Photos by TainoImage! 

LIMITED OPEN MIC- Get there EARLY to sign up (before 8pm!)

MAKE SURE to get your tickets in advance at $10, they will be $15 at the door! **

IF you cannot make it and would like to donate towards the cause, please visit this link:
You can select any Sponsorship level, as an "Individual Sponsor" you can put in any amount you are willing to share.

Where at? Adonde?
December 16th, 2011
The EvilOlivE Bar
198 Union Avenue (between B'way and Montrose)
Williamsburg Brooklyn NY 11211
Doors open at 7 PM- Open Mic list closes at 8pm
**SHOWTIME at 8PM!**
Right across from the 90th Precinct
$10 in advance / $15 At The Door