Outing Anchor Babies


Here is a guest post that we love:
By Anchor Baby Tony from www.anchorbaby.org
2011 has been a great year for us Anchor Babies. We made it to the cover of the New Yorker, when they depicted the first Anchor Babies of America: the Immigrant Pilgrims crossing the border into America. And we also made it into the American Heritage Dictionary! Of course, they had to write a few rough drafts to get the definition correct, and, well, it’s still not quite perfect. But instead of being negative, we want to celebrate this moment in history by Outing Anchor Babies you might note have known were Anchor Babies.

General Anchor Baby: Colin Powell – Jamaican Parents


I Thought He Was Chicano Anchor Baby: Jimmy Smits – Surinamese (Dutch) father, Puerto Rican mother

Stealing American Acting Jobs Anchor Baby: Andrew Garfield – English mother

And of course, a huge shout out to:

The Father of All Anchor Babies: Benjamin Franklin – English father





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