The Gingrich Hypocrisy: Abolish Judicial Decisions… Unless Of Course You Agree With Them


GOP Presidential Republican candidate Newt Gingrich has officially entered the surreal world of illogical thinking. This weekend of CBS' Face the Nation, Gingrich made a case for a deep examination of the US Judicial branch, claiming that American Presidents have a duty to question unjust laws and basically ignore Supreme Court decisions. His examples?

As Gringrich explains:

I think it depends on the severity of the case. I'm not suggesting that the Congress and the President review every decision. I'm suggesting that when there are decisions, Boumediene is an example, in which they are literally risking putting civil libertiy rules in battlefields, I mean, it is utterly irrational for the Supreme Court to take on its shoulders the defense of the United States.

Once again, Gingrich's flowery historical rhetoric should be something he practices as well as just preaching. For example, many in this country are questioning the legality and civil rights fairness of new immigration measures in Arizona, Alabama, and South Carolina, three laws that Gingrich has publicly stated he would have the the federal government stop investigating and interfering on the first day of a Gingrich president. So in fact, Gingrich will only fight the country's utter irrationality… when it only applies to his political views.

So, Speaker Gingrich, we will agree with you on one thing: we SHOULD question judicial decisions when we find them to be unjust and un-American. But you should be clear: you will only play that card for those decisions that are unfair to you. As for us, we will side with Lincoln and his defiance of Dred-Scott, since in 2011, the new Dred-Scott is being played in places like Phoenix, Birmingham, and Columbia. The new slavery is anti-immigrant hate that has led to unjust racial profiling against US Latino citizens. Will you defend them, Speaker Gingrich? Right now, your actions would confirm that your answer is no.

Here is a video of the interview on Face the Nation.


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