Meet The Two Newest Members of #OWS: Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich

Riding off the heels of a New Hampshire win, GOP front runner Mitt Romney appears to be facing one major Republican fraternity fight with Texas Governor Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich. As the race enters into South Carolina, both Perry and Gingrich are going all in on the poker table, and even though Romney has the highest chip count, these two candidates are now questioning Romney's venture capitalist experience, when he was a principal at Boston's Bain Capital. Kind of ironic, coming from two guys who just months ago were criticizing #OWS just two months ago.

The Obama 2012 campaign would like to thank Perry and Gingrich for this content.

First off, Perry, who didn't even garner 2,000 votes in New Hampshire.

But the doozy of all doozies is Gingrich, whose main PAC, Winning Our Future, bought the right to a 28-minute documentary called "When Mitt Romney Comes to Town." According to reports, Gingrich's PAC out bid Jon Huntsman's PAC for the video.

Here is the trailer. 

Here is the full 28-minute version (some of the video has minor audio troubles, but it is the FULL documentary):

As for Romney's initial response to all this? You're just jealous.


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