“St. Elmo’s Fire” Songwriter Releases “Tim Tebow’s Fire” Song: The 80s Are Back!!!

WARNING: Bad 80s flashback coming!

John Parr, the songwriter "St. Elmo's Fire," the theme song to the classic Brat Pack movie of that lost generation, pays tribute to Broncos QB Tim Tebow now.

As New CBS Show “¡ROB!” Gets Panned for Stereotypical Humor, @DoloresHuerta Tweets Support for Show

Tonight the new CBS sitcom ¡ROB! premieres and already major publications like TIME and The Los Angeles Times are trashing it for its stereotypical, one-dimensional and insensitive humor, especially towards portrayals of Mexican Americans (you know, we are all gardeners, illegals, etc. etc.).

Just this afternoon on Twitter, Latina Icon Dolores Huerta tweeted out to the Twitterverse, asking for support of the show and actor Lupe Ontiveros.

"please support Lupe Ontiveros in the new show Rob! on CBS"

"Show is at 830 on CBS."


Quite frankly, upon reading the reviews and already skeptical of the show's premise, we respectfully decline to support this show. Sorry, Ms. Huerta. And with say that will all the respect in the world and understand that you are using Twitter to support a friend. We do that all the time. We know you have done a lot for Latinos, but a new generation of younger Latinos are respectfull disagreeing. We MUST fight these stereotypes and demand for better programming for Latino actors and writers in Hollywood. Sorry.

The Reviews Are In: New CBS Show ¡Rob! Sucks, Too

So, do television executives sit around a big room and brainstorm stereotypes about Latinos? Because from the looks of it, the latest crop of mainstream sitcoms that are either Latino-themed or feature Latino actors are not having a good month.

Yes, everyone by now knows about ABC's "Work It" Puerto Rican Drug Dealer Joke fiasco, the silence of ABC even as a grassroots group called Boricuas for a Positive Image is preparing for a Thursday afternoon demonstration in New York City, and the-tweet-that-was-an-apology-but-not-everyone-agrees-apology by Puerto Rican actor Amaury Nolasco.

Tonight, the new Rob Schneider comedy ¡Rob! premieres and from the looks of it, the show is already dead on arrival. From the looks of the reviews, Nolasco's troubles might soon transfer over to Latino legend Cheech Marin, and fellow cast members Diana María Riva, Claudia Bassols, Eugenio Derbez, and Lupe Ontiveros.

Here is what the press is saying: 


"Then [CBS] presented its newest sitcom, ¡Rob!, starring Rob Schneider, who plays a man who marries into a Mexican American family, upon which “hilarity”—which is to say a bunch of leaf-blower and illegal-immigrant jokes—ensues. The network spin on this one: Schneider’s character is the new Archie Bunker. It’s true, in the sense that both characters are or were on CBS sitcoms. It’s true, that is, in the same sense that Julie Chen is the new Walter Cronkite…

When a show like ¡Rob! makes gardener jokes or 2 Broke Girls makes its Asian manager a nerd who mangles English, on the other hand, they’re not drawing on any real experience of life as it exists today. In fact, they’re going out of their way not to: the whole point of this kind of easy, hack-y joke is that you write them so that a viewer can get the jokes without knowing anything about another culture beyond decades-old clichés, based on other TV shows. You don’t have to know anything about what’s changed in America since All in the Family; you don’t have to have any awareness of Latinos since Chico and the Man."


The Los Angeles Times

No doubt there is a grain of truth in the absurd tensions that fuel "Rob" — the overwhelming and sometimes invasive tendencies of a large family, the real cultural differences "mixed" couples encounter, the revelations of early marriage — but Schneider clearly does not think his audience is sophisticated enough to deal with anything more nuanced than Frito-Bandito slapstick.

What with Maggie's henpecked father (a shamefully wasted Cheech Marin), her absurdly controlling mother (a shamefully wasted Diana Maria Riva), her larcenous uncle Hector, (a shamefully wasted Eugenio Derbez, who is actually the funniest thing in the pilot), "Rob" plays like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" after seven or eight tequila shots.

Maybe someone should do a show about an Anglo man who must face his Mexican American in-laws after he's done a terrible show about them. That might be funny.

The Salt Lake Tribune:

The show revels in racial stereotypes – it's filled with jokes about guacamole and illegal immigration – and makes no excuses for it.

"I don't think you want to stay away from the stereotypes," [Cheech] Marin said. "I think you want to confront them and deal with them."

The show is based on Schneider's real life, and – despite the racial jokes – Schneider insists no offense is intended.

"My wife is not going to let me do anything overly offensive,I guarantee you," he said. "I have to go home to my wife. She'll let me know.

"Nobody here is going to do anything disrespectful," Schneider continued. "I think we want to do things that are funny, and I think, if we could shed some light on it in a way that could be fun and people can relate to it, it's fine."

It's probably time that US Latinos audiences just start walking away from the big networks and move to more original authentic web shows that are wittier and more entertaining.

Turn Off the TV, ¡Coño!

An Interview With Mitt Romney Twitter Parody @MexicanMitt


In response to Mitt Romney's recent win in the New Hampshire primary, the parody of the presumed GOP presidential candidate emerged on Twitter. Using the handle @MexicanMitt, the accounts has parodied Romney as an opportunist, job killer, corporate fat cat, and more. Sometimes using vulgarity, in either English or Spanish, the account in just about one day grew to 700 followers, and had the Twittersphere abuzz with admiration. As with the now-famous @ElBloombito Twitter account mocking New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg that currently boasts more than 28,000 followers, Mexican Mitt appeared at a timely moment in the political cycle. In the sense that, in the same day Romney premiered an ad in Spanish, he boasted he was “proud” of being supported by the author of Arizona's SB 1070, as well as Alabama's immigration law. We had the chance to interview @MexicanMitt and here's what he had to say.

NewsTaco: You seem to love enforcement immigration policies, how many of your own Mexican family members have you deported?

MexicanMitt: I keep deporting them back after they finish working for me selling oranges. So I don't think of it as deporting them, more like firing them

NT: Did you send your children to Spain or Costa Rica to learn Spanish?

MM: I sent my hijos to be missionaries to all the backward countries where they espeak espanish. Like Los Angeles and El Paso.

NT: If elected president, how would you top President Obama's deportation record?

MM: This thing is in the bag for me, so I am already planning to top that socialista's record by also deporting people with limited English skills, like Rick Perry and Sarah Palin.

NT: How many more fences along the border do we need in your opinion?

MM: I will buy Wal Mart and convert it to a BorderwallMart, that way we can protect our borders, and make money at the same time. And I can fire more people! ¡Ajúa!

NT: What are Latinos good for, just gardening, or also running the state of Michigan like your dad?

MM: I enjoy the Mexican way of life, lots of good food, beautiful ladies, glittery mariachi pants. They don't call it MITTchoacan for nothing! Mexicans make excellent naranja sellers, except for my dumb primos!

NT: Why did you decide to join Twitter in the middle of your campaign? What pushed you to come out as a Mexican?

MM: Mira, peoples were saying I was so boring, so I decided to let everyone know I was born this guey! Since Herman Cain, who barely spoke Cuban, left the campaign to touch the ladies, I decided I'd better espice things up! And Twitter is the perfect way to reach out and touch the ladies without getting sued.

NT: If you could tell every Latino in the country one thing what would it be?

MM: You poor people are simply YEALOUS of my REECHES

NT: What are your plans for 2012?

MM: To win before the Mayans ruin everything…AGAIN.

Don’t Worry: Nobody is Watching ABC’s “Work It” Anyway

For a select few of commenters who said that all this social media controversy about ABC's "Work It" show and its silly Puerto Rican Drug Dealer Joke would only give the show more publicity and higher ratings, this week's ratings for the show didn't increase at all, so that argument is moot.

As reported by EW.com


ABC’s quasi-controversial cross-dressing comedy Work It took a tumble in the ratings Tuesday night.

The show delivered 5.1 million viewers and a 1.6 rating in the adult demo — down 20 percent this week and down 27 percent from its lead in, Last Man Standing (7.9 million, 2.2). If/when ABC axes the show, it will open up another slot on the schedule, which might result in Cougar Town returning earlier than it otherwise would have (either on Tuesdays or another night).



READER POLL: What Do You Think of @Amaury_Nolasco and What He Tweeted Out on January 11?

So, after we posted yesterday's post about Amaury Nolasco's tweet, our community spoke and gave us their opinions. Some say that Nolasco should clarify more while others said let's move on and focus on ABC.

So what do YOU think?

Satirical Video Explains the US Debt Ceiling in Real Terms We All Understand


A satirical short film taking a look at the national debt and how it applies to just one family. Starring Brian Stepanek & Eddie Jemison, Produced by Seth William Meier, DP/Edited by Craig Evans, 1st AC Brian Andrews, Sound Mixer Gus Salazar, Written and Directed by Brian Stepanek. Help us spread the word at www.debtlimitusa.org

Is Stephen Colbert Really Running For President? Tonight, We Will Find Out

So now that is a new poll is out saying that The Colbert Report's Stephen Colbert is polling ahead of Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, will Colbert run for President? Like Stephen says in the video, "Wow, this just got real." Colbert is making a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT tonight on his show.

¡Colbert 2012!

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Indecision 2012 - South Carolina's Fresh Face
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GUEST POST by @jazminchavez and @juliagrob: “Latinos: Turn Off Your TV, Coño!”

GUEST POST BY Jazmin Chavez & Julia Ahumada Grob of "East WillyB"


By the time of this publication, we should all be familiar with the recent controversy regarding ABC sitcom, “Work It,” in which Puerto Rican actor Amaury Nolasco’s character Angel, uttered the egregious statement on national TV, “I’m Puerto Rican, I’d be great at selling drugs.” While we stand behind the Latino public officials, activists, and bloggers who have have spoken out, demanding an apology from the national network, this sadly is not the first time, and definitely won’t be the last time, a major network blasts the Latino community with stereotypical and narrow portrayals of what indeed is a vibrant, diverse, and multi dynamic community. 

While the 2010 census revealed that with over 50 million Latinos in the United States, 1 out of every 6 people are of Hispanic or Latino origin, that same year, the National Latino Media Council (NLMC) issued their annual diversity report card, citing a decline in Latino diversity at every major network. Yet these same networks feel entitled to capture our attention for 4-6 hours a day. Without Latino producers and writers calling the shots, we continue to experience an over saturation of drug dealers, gardeners, maids, prostitutes, and gang members on our TVs. Additionally, while our women are incredibly beautiful, present company included, the exotification of Latinas continues as demonstrated in the new CBS comedy, "¡Rob!” Beyond “Work It,” and “¡Rob!” there are currently Latino-based pilots being developed at NBC, ABC, and FOX, with non-Latino writers attached to all but one, it seems. 

So what can we, the fastest-growing demographic group in the United States, do to stop this, beyond demanding apologies from networks who care little about our well being? We at “East WillyB” want to offer a challenge to the Latino community: Turn off your TV. Support independent television programming created for Latinos and by Latinos, delivered directly to your home via the web. 

We at “East WillyB” understand the importance of capturing the multi-faceted Latino experience in the United States because we have lived it and experienced it. We are the new generation Latino, some American born, some born in America Latina, Spanglish speaking, ni de alli, ni de alla. Conceived in a coffee shop in Brooklyn, the series was created after our writers, actors, and producers grew tired and frankly sick to our stomachs of seeing the same BS perpetuated over and over again at the expense of our community. So instead, we took matters into our own hands, creating and distributing the series directly through the web to our community…you. 

East WillyB” is an original series which follows Puerto Rican sport bar owner Willie Reyes Jr. as he and his community fight to keep their neighborhood bar open in the face of the hipster invasion of their Brooklyn neighborhood. A gentrification comedy, “East WillyB” tells the story of the many faces that make up the Latino community of Brooklyn, and the ways in which their lives interconnect to create the extended family so integral to its character. With a 6 episode pilot season already online, 2012 will see the launch of a 13 episode, 91 minute season of “East WillyB,” with great Latino guest stars already attached to join to the team. 

We are not alone in this new movement. Other great series include “Los Americans,” written by Dennis Leoni (“Resurrection Blvd.”) and starring Esai Morales. A drama, “Los Americans” focuses on a multi-generation, middle-income, Latino family living in Los Angeles and the issues they face, including alcoholism, unemployment and cultural identity. “Ylse”  is a dramedy about ambitious, single, thirty-something Latina as she juggles career, a not-so-successful love life and a family who doesn’t understand her progressive American ways (think: Bridget Jones with a bicultural twist). Undocumented and Awkward is a series created for and by undocumented youth. The series, written by four college graduates, with four different experiences of being undocumented in America, finds humor in the immigration experience, from the voices of those actually experiencing it. All of these independent programs provide an honest & unique voice, creative platform and venue to showcase Latino stories, with Latinos behind and in front of the cameras. 

However, without the production and marketing budgets of television, these independent series can only continue to grow if our community supports and promotes them. So instead of griping about the lack of representation on television while you watch your latest ABC show, this evening, when you come home from work, try turning off your TV and watching these independent Latino series instead. If you like them, blog about them, find them on Facebook or Twitter, tell a friend, host a viewing party & spread the word. We can only grow together. 

Julia Ahumada Grob

Creator/Executive Producer


c. (917) 575-3451