Still Wanna Make Fun of #Tebow? Maybe After this CBS Interview, You Might Change Your Mind

Sports needs more Tim Tebows in the world. He might not share your point of view when it comes to some social issues or you might not like his public display of religious piety, but with our obsession with sports and winning, how can you not agree with what he says in a CBS interview he did with James Brown?


"I think number one is, what my mom and dad preached to me when I was a little kid: Just because you may have athletic ability and you may be able to play a sport doesn't make you any more special than anybody else," Tebow said. "Doesn't mean God loves you more than anybody else.

"We play a sport. It's a game. At the end of the day, that's all it is, is a game. It doesn't make you any better or any worse than anybody else. So by winning a game, you're no better. By losing a game, you're no worse. I think by keeping that mentality, it really keeps things in perspective for me to treat everybody the same."

With this obsession in sports to be the best and brag about it, Tebow is a breath of fresh air. This is the clip.


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