As He Enters Florida, Newt Gingrich Video from 2005 Shows His Support for Puerto Rico as 51st State

Jan 22, 2012
11:03 am

Now that the GOP race goes into Florida, a place that is 30% Latino and where the Puerto Rican vote is one of the fastest-growing in the state, it is pretty safe to guess that issues important to these voters will be discussed. With Puerto Rico prepared to vote on its political status yet again in a non-binding plebiscite in November (the island has had a 114-year-old colonial relationship ever since the United States invaded the island during the 1898 Spanish American War), Latino Republicans will very likely want to know where the GOP's top candidates stand on the issue of the island's status.

A flag with 51 stars?

This video from 2005 shows where Newt Gingrich stands. Looks like Gingrich might need to convince some of his fellow Republicans in Washington, who were against the passing of a Puerto Rico Democracy Act two years ago.