The Latino Rebels Interview With Presidential Candidate @BuddyRoemer

Jan 26, 2012
10:09 pm

UPDATE: Gov. Roemer has declared himself as a independent candidate for AMERICANS ELECT. 

This is all started when a few of our readers asked us about Republican presidential candidate Buddy Roemer after they had seen the former Louisiana governor and US congressman speaking about the gross corruption of Washington DC. So we reached out to Roemer's campaign and after a few weeks, Roemer agreed to a phone interview.

We asked our friend Lili Gil, a regular contributor to Fox News and MSNBC, to interview Roemer.

The focus? US Latino voters and why Roemer. Here are four YouTube recordings of the entire 40-minute interview. You MIGHT want to listen to the entire interview. Roemer makes some very provocative points on immigration, Washington money, and movements like #OWS and The Tea Party.

For more information about Roemer, you can go to his site: