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TUSD Board Member Adelita Grijalva Speaks: “We Are Banning Books in This District”

It appears that the Tucson Unified School District's decision to no longer teach Mexican American Studies and prohibit certain books from even being taught (essentially a book ban) continues to find resistance from the community.

Two weeks ago, The News Taco reported a detailed piece about a student protest in TUSD against the decision to drop the program. This weekend, the YouTube Channel of The Three Sonorans ran a video of TUSD board member Adelita Grijalva (daughter of US Congressman Raúl Grijalva) sharing her thoughts about the board's decision.

Adelita Grijalva acknowledges that she told the board that "We are banning books in the district."

Former Ottawa Mayor Tweets Out Latino “Spics” Racial Slur During Viewing of GOP Debate

Here we go again. Looks like East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo has passed on the Latino Insensitivity Award over to former Ottawa Mayor Larry O'Brien, whose tweet during a viewing of a GOP presidential debate says one thing and one thing only: racism. 

This is the tweet: 

"The spics are getting way too much airtime!"

O'Brien is no longer on Twitter (at least the profile that tweeted it out), but the journalists at Fox News Latino (yes, people, Fox News Latino) reported this story today:

Larry O’Brien, the former mayor of Ottawa from 2006 until 2010, took offense to the topic matter during last Thursday’s Republican debate in Florida. "The spics are getting way too much airtime!" O'Brien posted on larry_o'brien1 Twitter account.


O’Brien then followed that Tweet with one about the Islamic community. "Why is the Jewish community not more involved in this debate? The Islam community want to destroy Israel,” he tweeted.


At first, some on the social media account thought that the post might be a hoax until a reporter for the Ottawa Citizen newspaper confirmed with O’Brien that he had indeed sent out the Tweet.

O'Brien eventually apologized for his tweet, but he is not backing down from why he did it, according to what he told Metro:

“I believe that the Latino community was asking (about) too many parochial issues when I think the 2012 presidential debate is going to be the most significant election in this century,” said O’Brien. “Did I choose a completely inappropriate word? Absolutely. Was it intentional? No."

O’Brien said the controversy would have been “terrible” if he was still involved in politics, and as a private citizen he is able to explain his mistakes and correct them.

According to the Toronto Sun, O'Brien added more to the fire when he wrote the following on his blog:

"Anyone who knows me understands that being politically incorrect (PI) has been a special strength all my life. Even today, as a recovering politician, I still manage to get into a little trouble with my unique ability to make things clearer to the regular people by being PI," he writes.

"Now that I have my Mea Culpa out of the way, I would like to point out the real benefits of using political incorrectness (PI) as a way of bringing attention to very important issues that are being ignored or, worse yet, misrepresented by the mainstream media," he said.

El Caucus Nacional Hispano de Legisladores Estatales pide una investigación del Alcalde Maturo, Jr.

El Caucus Nacional Hispano de Legisladores Estatales pide

una investigación del Alcalde Maturo, Jr.,

ante la dimisión del Jefe de Policía de East Haven


WASHINGTON, 31 de enero de 2012 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Luego de una intensa presión por parte de la comunidad latina y organizaciones de derechos civiles nacionales, el Jefe de Policía de East Haven, Len Gallo, anunció su dimisión durante una conferencia de prensa el lunes en la mañana después de que una investigación federal llevó a la detención de cuatro efectivos policiales por abuso de residentes latinos.

La acusación federal de la semana pasada señala al Jefe Len Gallo como co-conspirador no nombrado de la etiquetación racial en la comunidad; sin embargo, instamos a que se centre la atención también en el Alcalde Joseph Maturo, Jr., por su posible participación y por crear un ambiente que dio lugar a esas violaciones de la ley en contra de familias latinas que respetan las leyes.

"No basta con sacar un pedazo del rompecabezas. La dimisión del Jefe Len Gallo solo desvía la atención de la posible involucramiento del Alcalde Joseph Maturo, Jr. al permitir el hostigamiento por parte de la policía en la comunidad latina. Es más, el permitir que el Alcalde y su administración elijan los miembros del comité encargado de buscar un nuevo Jefe de Policía agrava más la corrupción actual", dijo la Representante Minnie Gonzalez (CT), Presidenta del NHCSL. "Insto firmemente a los investigadores federales a que miren bien al Alcalde y su administración ya que la comunidad de East Haven sigue exigiendo respuestas".

El NHCSL es la asociación nacional preeminente de legisladores estatales hispanos que trabajan para diseñar e implementar políticas y procedimientos que mejoran la calidad de vida de los hispanos en todo el país.

El NHCSL se fundó en 1989 como una organización no partidaria y sin fines de lucro, al amparo del enciso c del artículo 501 del Código de Ingresos estadounidense, con la misión de constituirse en la voz más efectiva para los más de 340 legisladores hispanos. Para más información, visite

The @Target Bullseye Bodega: A National Campaign That Perplexes Some Latino Consumers

For those who say that people are just hypersensitive and uppity and just love to trash and complain, you miss the original point as to why we published the "Why @Target Needs to Stop Latino Ethnic Marketing: The “BODEGA” Fail" post in the first place. The point that was made was a very simple one: marketing communication is personal, no matter how much you try to standardize it. One consumer may see nothing at fault with the message, while another consumer might see pride in the message, and a third consumer might be perplexed and confused (and yes, a bit miffed). In the end, this is a free country and yes, Target is not the only big box store that sells stuff. We know that this isn't the Soviet Union. We get it.

Nonetheless, for some the Target Bullseye Bodega is weird. And it gets even weirder when you actually see the point behind why Target decided to roll out this new concept to all its stores. As the official Target blog states:

What is Bullseye Bodega?

BL: Bodegas are basically convenience stores, which is what Bullseye Bodega is all about.  After the holidays, you can browse the curated – and vast – selection of Target goods in a “boutique” within the store. Best of all? Bullseye Bodega offers tons of deals and coupons, so you won’t suffer from post-holiday spending sticker shock.

Ok, that is the official marketing answer from Target. Let's break it down. If that is the logic (and so you all know, we are also a digital agency with actual clients and we have a deep geeky interest in marketing and advertising in the social media age), then we ask these questions:

  • Why use a Spanish word that means "warehouse" to those of Mexican descent, "wine cellars" to those of Spanish descent and other South American countries, and "so much more than a convenience store" to those from the Caribbean, Latinos from the Northeast and other markets like Miami, Tampa, or Orlando? What is the purpose for using a Spanish word that has so many cultural meanings and nuances? Is it to associate diversity? Is it to communicate a lack of understanding of the complex Latino consumer market?
  • As a follow up, why use a Spanish word and associate it with discount and cheaper-priced products?
  • And what about those who don't see anything wrong or have no clue that this word means or its different regional connotations? What is the purpose?

Even if Target used "boutique," wouldn't that be clear enough to many? That term is a fairly common one in retail, why then choose "bodega?"

These are just questions and the discussion (once we got past some people calling us uneducated idiots in both languages that are just overthinking everything) on the previous post has been good. This is a good little study about the language of selling and marketing. And we found out that our first post was an actual study topic for a marketing class in a Florida college, and that the students told us that it was a very cool discussion.

Does it merit a boycott of Target? Of course not. Can we at least question it and wonder what the reason behind this campaign was and why did no one at Target or the agency that developed the concept raised the issue? We think so.

Target will always be Target and it won't go away, but it is still fascinating to see how out of touch big brands can be some times with concepts as they try to get more diverse with their consumers. We applaud Target's intent, but not its execution.

That is all.

¡Listos para el Super Tazón!

Gracias a nuestro hermanito Raúl Cólon, quien compartió este video para el Super Bowl o sea el Super Tazón.

Con dos boricuas jugando, ¡estamos listos!

Phoenix Human Relations Commission Unanimously Votes 13-0 for Arpaio to Resign

Last night the Phoenix Human Relations Commission—a group of volunteer citizens appointed by the mayor and City Council to advise them on human relations issues and the implementation of the city's policy against discrimination—unanimously voted 13-0 to call for the resignation of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

According to the Tucson Citizen:

The Phoenix Human Relations Commission approved the resolution Monday at a special meeting. Three members were absent. The commission’s resolution was supported by about a dozen residents who came to speak at the meeting, while a handful of others argued the commission had no business holding a vote on the future of an official elected by popular vote.

Commission Chairwoman Diane D’Angelo said she wanted the board to vote on the issue because of the U.S. Department of Justice’s recent findings that outline several civil-rights violations by the Sheriff’s Office, such as racial profiling and neglected sex-crime investigations. Although the commission is an advisory board to the council, its decisions are non-binding. Council members are concerned the vote could affect the city’s jail contract.

The following videos were taken at the meeting last night:

GOP Primaries Hit New Low: Banning Kosher Food and Singing “America the Beautiful”

Ok, imagine that you are in Florida, you are speaking to elderly voters, most of them who are of Jewish descent. The nation is facing a critical budget crisis and a spiraling economy. What is the most important issue you want to discuss?

Banning Kosher food.

Yes, that is what GOP candidate Newt Gingrich said in Florida yesterday.

But since this is an equal opportunity blog, here is Mitt Romney, the Small Government Guy, do yet another flip-flop on Medicare and Social Security in front of elderly voters. Where your Pandering hat, Governor? This is what Romney said yesterday:


I understand a few of you here are on Medicare. Is that true? [Laughter]

"That being the case, I hope you tell your friends who always fear that Republicans somehow might go after Medicare. You can tell them a couple things. Number one: We will never go after Medicare or Social Security, we will protect those programs. But also, you make sure and tell them this. There's only one president in history that's cut Medicare 500 billion dollars. And that's Barack Obama. And guess what he did it for? He did it to pay for Obamacare?

"So if I'm president, I will protect Medicare and Social Security for those that are currently retired or near retirement, and I'll make sure we keep those programs solvent for the next generations coming along. We will protect America's seniors and America's young people with programs that are designed to keep them well and safe. And I will make sure that we protect Medicare and Social Security."


End the event with "America the Beautiful" and you are done. Thank you, Florida!