“No Way, Olé:” Why The New York Post’s Victor Cruz Cantiflas Sombrero Photo Misses the Mark

Feb 2, 2012
8:52 pm

Ok, yeah, we know it is The New York Post, bastion of crappy tabloid journalism, so consider this post an observation and yes, a criticism. And yes, we know, we will be getting the "uppity Latino" comments on this on as well. We have come to accept that, but at the same time, mainstream media is still powerful and front cover images sell papers and get people talking.

So, when we posted the following NYP cover tonight that showed New York Giants star receiver Victor Cruz, we rolled our eyes a bit. Here is the cover:

Ok, first of all, we thought the NYP had done a Photo Shop job on Cruz, who is of Puerto Rican descent and not Mexican at all. But then we did some research and learned that Cruz actually posed for this photo at the Super Bowl's Media Day for Mexican TV. Here is a photo of that session:

Which then made us think of this:

Add the fact that the NYP copy writer had decided to use the tired and stale "Olé" to show the whole Latino flair (really? Not even an Órale? Or a WEPA?), we got perplexed and wondered why the following photo was not the one the NYP had chosen instead, which was also taken on Media Day and actually appeared on Cruz's daily diary from the NYP's sports pages this week:

Guess The New York Post doesn't get the subtlety.