Yo @rj_c and @PapaHeroes: Tell the Giants That They Are Not Super Tazón Champions Yet

Feb 5, 2012
10:23 am

Talk about false propaganda and false advertising. Hours before the kickoff of today Super Tazón between the Gigantes de Nueva York and the Patriotas de Nueva Inglaterra, the official website for the Giants displayed this:


The NFL quickly issued a statement:

“It is common practice for both teams to create web pages in advance of the conference championship games and Super Bowl. In this case, the hidden URL for the page was inadvertently available for a brief period of time while it was being positioned on the NFL server for possible post tomorrow night.”


Really NFL? You are a billion-dollar league and your IT people don't know how to click on DRAFT? We are not buying it. This is a definite jinx for the Gigantes and we can't wait to have @rj_c of @PapaHeroes submit his first blog post for us tomorrow morning.