On Twitter @FloydMayweather Gets Slammed for Tweets About @jlin7, and Why He Doesn’t Get It

Feb 14, 2012
9:30 am

Boxer Floyd Mayweather went on Twitter yesterday to offer his "insight" about New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin to address the Linsanity that has now become the number one story in the NBA. Mayweather, who to us will never the legendary boxer that he proclaims himself to be unless he finally steps up to the plate and face Manny Pacquiao for the what has become The Greatest Fight That Never Was, tweeted out his thoughts thoughts about Lin, an Asian American Harvard graduate and former bench-warmer who reminds us of a young Steve Nash.

Lin's last five games have turned around the Knicks season, and that is without stars Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. Suddenly, New York basketball is back and the NBA is better for it. But if you read Mayweather's tweets, you just might want to shake your head and let Mayweather know that he just should stick to boxing.

Granted, some of the responses to Mayweather are just as awful and racist (and if we were Mayweather, we would tell those racist haters to suck it), but in the world of social media, when you start tweeting ignorance, you will get slammed. Mayweather got slammed, and instead of just backing down, his subsequent tweets got even dumber. Here is the series of tweets with responses.

You decide for yourself.

Granted, @Stevie662 and @OMGJudeLaw have got some problems as well (why stoop down to Mayweather's ignorance), but Mayweather missed the point. People are suffering from Linsanity for the following reasons:

  • Lin was on the flipping Knicks bench, the 12th man on the team before he took over the NBA by storm.
  • 38 points against the Lakers? RESPECT.
  • Five wins in a row.
  • Let's go with Mayweather's flawed logic about not celebrating black athletes. D-Rose? Durant? LeBron? D-Wade? Kobe? Are you kidding us? The problem with Mayweather is that he HAD to make it racial. He HAD to tweet his thoughts in a way that makes him look like punkish. He could have made a similar point with some wit and humor, but we are guessing that he just doesn't get Twitter.
  • Lin has made his teammates better. Steve Novak is the new Steve Kerr? And Jared Jeffries is scoring? Tyson Chandler getting points? What is going on here? The Knicks are playing like a TEAM.
  • The dude went to Harvard, in the world of the NBA, that is like if some accountant from the street suddenly became the head of Google. Lin is breaking the mold about the geeky Harvard stereotype, which is about as tired a stereotype as anyone out there.

Dear Floyd, you have your opinion, but it is an ignorant one. Lin is a great basketball player. Simple as that. You wish you had him on your team. In fact., he would probably have the cojones to fight Pacquiao. ¡Viva Jeremy Lin!

PS Pacquiao can sing better than you can tweet, Floyd.