More Violations from @CafePress: “F*ck Jews,” “F*ck Blacks,” “Wetbacks,” and Many More

Thinking that the whole CafePress Anti-Mexican mess was over after the latest snafu (F*ck Illegals), we wanted to go back to the site and make sure that one of the world's top websites was closely enforcing its process again. The first thing we did was check over the company's content policy, which we posted here as well:

General Guidelines for Prohibited Content

  • Content that may infringe on the rights of a third a party.
  • Items that make inappropriate use of Nazi symbols and glamorize the actions of Hitler.
  • Use of marks that signify hate towards another group of people.
  • Hate and/or racist terms.
  • Inappropriate content or nudity that is not artistic in nature.
  • Content that exploits images or the likeness of minors.
  • Obscene and vulgar comments and offensive remarks that harass, threaten, defame or abuse others such as F*** (Ethnic Group).
  • Content that depicts violence, is obscene, abusive, fraudulent or threatening such as an image of a murder victim, morgue shots, promotion of suicide, etc.
  • Content that glamorizes the use of "hard core" illegal substance and drugs such as a person injecting a vial of a substance in their body.
  • Material that is generally offensive or in bad taste, as determined by CafePress.

The list outlined above should NOT be construed as an exhaustive list of offensive material but rather as a general guideline for you to follow.

Click here for Examples of Prohibited Content

PLEASE NOTE: CafePress has millions of users from varied backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures, who differ in their views about what is considered offensive and acceptable. We recognize that with such global diversity there will be differences about what is considered offensive and that someone somewhere in the world may be offended by the opinions, perspectives and creative expressions of some of our users. We ask that all users respect each others' right to express themselves in a manner consistent with this Content Usage Policy.

Then we decided to check it out one last time to see that all was well. Looks like it's not and it is clear to us that CafePress continues to violate its own company policy. They might also need some programmers to filter words like "F***" and ethnic slurs as well. Because, right now on CafePress, you can search the following terms and you will get products:

"F*ck Jews"



"F*ck Chinks"




"F*ck Blacks"




Other terms you can search for right now on CafePress are:


We are pretty sure that CafePress will take these pages down now since they are all clear violations, but the question remains: why were they even up in the first place and why can you search products by racial slurs? And why are these product tagged with these racial slurs? CafePress says that they need to review 120,000 images a week to determine what is appropriate and what is not, so they might have missed some of these violations. Maybe they should consider cutting back on their product offerings and going back to humans checking things instead of servers that are not doing the job?

Dear @CafePress: Submitting More Violations for You From Your “F*CK ILLEGALS” Section

UPDATE: Around 7pm EST, the "F*ck Illegals" section has been taken down.

Looks like CafePress needs more employees or better servers, because they truly have some very suspect filtering systems. Our staff spent a little more time on the site today to see what other products they are selling, and after a reader suggested we enter the search term "F*ck Illegals," we came across these lovely gift ideas:



We think these are all policy violations from your site. Maybe it's time to rethink it all? Get better systems? Or hire more people to mine your images? Here's a thought: maybe eliminiate the word "f*ck" from your searches?


In the meantime, CafePress' PR Agency has revised its original statement statement to us. This is what we got at 5:20 EST today:

CafePress is in the process of reviewing user-designed images as brought to our attention recently. We are making decisions as to what user images are, and are not acceptable based on our policy.

We review over 120,000 user-uploaded images each week, and encourage our customers to notify us at [email protected] if they see user content on CafePress that they feel violate our policies. 

UPDATE: The Anti=Mexico section has been taken down.

UPDATE: Around 7pm EST, the "F*ck Illegals" section has been taken down.


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