No Matter the Platform, The Rebels Will Be There: We Are Now on Pinterest and Tumblr

Mar 6, 2012
11:34 am

As expands its readership and following (our latest rankings confirm that independent journalism of US Latino issues is thriving), we just want to take a moment and let you know that we will be entering new social media platforms. This month, we established our presence on Pinterest and Tumblr. The reason? It is a simple one. WE LOVE THEM BOTH!

Ok, seriously, we are now on those two platforms since we feel that there are other places where our community "hangs out" at and we just want to share our stories, ideas, photos, and our vibe with them there. Not one true platform "rules" social media (although the Big Three—Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) will always be around (for now). But what does rings true is this: we just want to share the world of with anyone and we want to engage and authentically connect with our readers and our community of Rebeldes. THAT is what we love about social media, and as long as it sticks around (we have no doubt it will disappear), we will be there.

Here are our two new social media babies (just click on the image to visit us if you like, and no, we won't be leaving our Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, G+ any time soon—we have too much fun there, too!)