Our Buddy @utopiamediaent Said It In December: Michael Peña to Star in CHÁVEZ Movie

Mar 7, 2012
1:51 pm

This is cool.

In December we had blogged about an open casting call for the new CHÁVEZ movie and our Twitter buddy and one of Seattle's best @utopiamediaent predicted that actor Michael Peña would be a great choice for the lead.

Well, she was right.

Collider.com reported that Peña will play the role of Chávez and that Rosario Dawson would play Dolores Huerta and that América Ferrera will play Chávez's wife.


Diego LunaGael Garcia Bernal, and Pablo Cruz started developing a Cesar Chávez biopic at their Canana Films nearly two years ago.  Chávez is a legendary activist and Latino icon, revered for his efforts in the American labor movement, so his portrayer must be chosen with care.  Two years later, Canana came up with an inspired choice: Michael Peña.  I’ve noticed Peña most visibly in recent years creating distinct comic characters in lighter fare like Observe and Report or 30 Minutes or Less.  But the actor made is name in heavier dramas like Crash and World Trade Center.  Pena is versatile, and you need an actor who can tap into both sides of the craft to play an iconic figure who is a true leader of men.

Luna stepped behind the camera in 2010 to direct Abel, and has decided to make the biopic Chávez his second narrative feature.  Luna cast Rosario Dawson as Dolores Huerta, Chavez’s partner in activism and co-founder of what eventually became the United Farm Workers.  América Ferrera will play Chávez’s wife Helen.

Collider also posted the following quote from Luna:

“This man inspired an entire community to see themselves as deserving of basic rights and to rise up against injustice.  The film will send the message that change is in our hands—Chavez did something everyone thought impossible with a fearless grace that magnetized an entire country."

We are so excited about this movie, which will begin production in next month in Mexico.

Now if Collider could actually add those ñ's to Peña's name and an accent over the "a" in Chávez, and say "América," all would be even cooler. (We made those edits to their piece here.)