Dear Laptop Dad: If You Didn’t Want 31 Million Views, Don’t Reveal Your Family Life on YouTube

Mar 8, 2012
9:40 am

YouTube is the next great celebrity maker. Anyone who doesn't know that now, is clueless. This week's "celebrity" is Tommy Jordan, the "Laptop Dad" who garnered over 31 million views on YouTube after he filmed his lecture to his daughter and shot her laptop.

Jordan and his daughter appeared on NBC last night. Here are some of his quotes:

"I stand behind it, but I have regrets too."

"I wasn't thinking about a 31 million viewer audience."

"I wasn't thinking about the national audience. I was thinking about my kid, my daughter, my family, us."

So, now you are saying that you weren't looking for attention? And what about practicing what you preach about your daughter's behavior? We are not buying it.

Umm, YouTube is not the place to stay hidden and private. Welcome to the Internet, Tommy. You are now an Internet celebrity, and if you really didn't want the publicity, now you are on NBC?#NoMames.

The best thing Jordan said: "Once you put it out there, you can't take it back."