Are You Kidding Us, Puerto Rico? Political Attacks About $1,398 Krispy Kreme Donuts?

Mar 13, 2012
11:59 am

We told you that on the island of Puerto Rico, political fights are sillier and make the US elections feel dignified. It is truly a modern-day Macondo. The latest mud-slinging is filled with sex shops and now $1,398 in Krispy Kreme donuts. Yes, you heard that right: $1,398 in Krispy Kreme Donuts bought by the President of the Puerto Rican House of Representatives, pro-statehooder and Luis Fortuño ally Jenniffer González, who is known for her bigger build. This goes beyond the realm of silliness, and shows how low-class the Puerto Rican political system is.

González is a member of the New Progressive Party (PNP), which supports statehood for the island. Fortuño is the incumbent, a proud Republican, a supporter of Mitt Romney, and a GOP Latino darling. His opponent is Alejandro García Padilla, who leads the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) and favors a commonwealth system, the island's current political status. When the PNP and Fortuño allegedly went after García Padilla for a silly "sex shop" purchase that García Padilla made with his own private credit card that he has with his wife (by the way, is anyone on the island pressing charges against invasion of someone's privacy), instead of just fighting back (which he finally did last night), the PPD camp offered an even sillier story about González's outrageous donut purchase.

Mind you, Krispy Kremes are still very popular on the island. In fact, when some of the Rebeldes visited the one in Dorado last year, the drive-thru line was literally 20 cars deep at 5:30 pm in the afternoon! But we digress. Instead of focusing on an economic and social crisis that is plaguing the island (see yesterday's USA TODAY piece about Puerto Rico's "Brain Drain"), the campaigns of the two major parties feel like a bad episode of The Daily Show or SNL.


Here is translation from El Nuevo Día's original report in Spanish. Get ready to laugh. Sort of makes you think that the current GOP race in the US is not that bad (by the way, the GOP will be holding its primary in Puerto Rico this Sunday):

House of Representatives Jenniffer González admitted today that in 2010 she spent $1,398 on Krispy Kreme donuts as part of a donation she made to an activity of the New Progressive Party (PNP).

The disclosure, made through the radio station (WAPA Radio), also included the leader's confession that she wanted to be skinny.

The official did not hesitate to talk about her fatness. Incidentally, she accused the populares of bringing this information to light as a way to deflect the controversy that has gripped the president of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Alejandro Garcia Padilla, about his alleged visit to a sex shop.

"When the PPD is against the wall and they don't know what to talk about, they hang on to a hot nail.This time you want to hang on to a hot donut. That is the PPD that I know. What they do not know is that both the PPD and García Padilla will be part of the donut hole this," she said.

She said the August 20, 2010 revelation $1,398 was spent on donuts will not overlooked by them. Nonetheless, she stressed that the expenditure was made with funds from her campaign and was reported to the Election Commission.

"If the implication is that I ate a over 1,000 donuts thousand, I think no human being can eat it if they wanted to," she said.

She added she has no problem with attacking her fatness, since she is pretty relaxed about it.

"I have no problem attacking my fat, they say I weigh what I weigh …. I have no problem with that because you can always lower one's weight. But how will you take away the ability or capacity of a candidate who does not have the stature to be a candidate for governor, who has no leadership to take over the country. To me, to attack me for being fat? I have no problem. Now, the use of public funds, lack of ability to discuss important issues the country, that is who the gubernatorial candidate of the PDP is. I have no problems with being chubby. I am the first one to make fun of that.Sure would like to be skinny, but this is reality," she said.