Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Will Ferrell in Spanish: Thank God for Guillermo

Mar 14, 2012
9:53 pm

We got this from our friends at TuVez. Will Ferrell. Jimmy Kimmel. All in Spanish. This needed to stop like 30 seconds into the bit, but the person who SAVED the skit? Guillermo! Thank you, Guilermo. We kind of felt the same way.

The good: The fact that Kimmel already knew that this was going to be weird. And did we say, thank God for Guillermo (well, except for the chihuahua and pistol)? Some of the interplay was good too.

The bad: yeah, Ferrell, we get the Mexico thing, the writing could have been better, and it could have been a knockout, but it wasn't and it was to glossed over. Also, WHY WHY WHY do the big white comedians get to do this skit? Take two Latino comics and they would have slayed it.

Nice try, guys. Almost there. We will give you a B for idea, C+ for execution. Just a bunch of gringos trying to be edgy, but in the end, meh. What do you think?