LA Mayor Villaraigosa Told To “Go Back To Mexico” At California State Capitol

Mar 14, 2012
10:27 pm

Another day, another Latino getting hated on, this time it is Los Angeles Mayor and chairman of the Democratic National Convention Antonio Villaraigosa, who, according to a profile in the Sacramento Bee, felt the sting of bigotry on a visit to California's state Capitol.

This is an excerpt of what the Bee's Dan Morain wrote during his time with the mayor:

Villaraigosa understands that gay rights issues split society. He also knows the divide is wide over questions of race, racism and immigration. That all came into focus, jarringly, as he and I were leaving the Capitol, and a middle-aged man wearing jeans and a T-shirt was entering.

"Go back to Mexico," the man said as he walked past Villaraigosa.

What? Yes, we all heard the same thing.

Here is the twice-elected mayor of the nation's second largest city, a former Assembly speaker, and a man who will stand on a national stage this September in North Carolina.

And a guy who had never met nor spoken with Villaraigosa told him to go back to Mexico, as if this proud graduate of Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles and UCLA ever lived south of the border.

Villaraigosa flashed his Hollywood smile, laughed it off, and kept on walking. I went back into the Capitol to find the guy, who, as it turned out, was heading to the same Revenue and Taxation hearing that Villaraigosa was leaving.

Do you say that mayors to all the time? I asked.

"Eh, he is a pissant," the man said, proceeding to spew about how an "illegal alien" killed the son of a friend down in L.A., and how it was Villaraigosa's fault. "He is a Mexican. That is what he claims. He is always defending illegal Mexicans and Mexico. … I have no qualms about saying anything to him."

The fellow's name is Davi Rodrigues. From where? "Right here in Sac," he said. "I'm an American. Period."