March 24, 1976: A Day That Changed Argentina Forever

Mar 24, 2012
2:15 pm

On a day like today, 36 years ago, Argentina suffered a military coup. 'While everyone was sleeping, life became a nightmare." The Dirty War had begun. Today March 26 has now become a day to never forget this seven-year period that led to more than 30,000 lives lost all in the name of "order."

As the following clip explains:

The return of the democracy in the Argentina in 1973 marks the beginning of the countdown towards the following coup d'état. On March 24 1976 the worst dictatorship of the history of this country is established, as a result of a conspiracy carefully planned for months. 

El regreso de la democracia en la Argentina en 1973 marca el comienzo de la cuenta regresiva hacia el siguiente golpe de estado. El 24 de marzo de 1976 se instaura la peor dictadura de la historia de este país, como fruto de un complot cuidadosamente tramado durante meses.