So Instead of Being Humble, @GeraldoRivera Keeps Trying to Justify His “Hoodie” Comments on Twitter

Mar 24, 2012
10:32 am

Dude, just take a moment and breathe, Geraldo. Your initial comments about how Trayvon Martin's hoodie caused his death were poorly said. Your logic is off base, and you make a huge mistake in trying to use the case to "guide" parents about how to keep their children safe.

This was one of the original tweets Rivera made on March 22

Dear Geraldo, you could have just listened to the criticism and tweeted something like, "Hey, in hindsight, I didn't explain myself in the right way. I am truly sorry if people misunderstood what I meant. I have actually learned from you all." But no, what do you do? You keep tweeting your defense of your comments. Flaco, being humble goes a long way. Good luck trying to stem this firestorm. We are just being honest: for every 1 tweet we see someone defending you, we have seen about 99 that totally crap on you. You decide how to handle it. Here is just a sampling of what Twitter is saying about you today after your tweets from last night trying to defend yourself.