Diego Luna On CASA DE MI PADRE: “Who Cares” If People Are Offended

Mar 26, 2012
6:34 pm

Last week, Diego Luna, who co-stars with Will Ferrell in CASA DE MI PADRE, was interviewed about the movie. The full interview can be heard here.

According to CineMovie.TV, the movie had a successful opening, bringing in $2.3 million in 382 theaters, which are good numbers for a foreign language comedy (the movie is in Spanish).

Screen Grab: http://www.cinemovie.tv/cinemovie_new/more-movie-interviews/2089-diego-luna-interview-who-cares-if-people-are-offended-by-casa-de-mi-padre-audio#.T3DEvkot4PM.twitter

Here is CineMovie.TV posted about Luna's comments:

"I think it's going to be more the American audience that is going to be offended by many scenes and lines that Will Ferrell has about Americans. It's there.  We have to understand it's a comedy and it's a satire of many things… politics, Mexico, the relation between Mexico and the States, of the world we're living in.  But also about film and spaghetti westerns, soap operas and just the process of filmmaking.  I think there will be many actors offended also.  Who cares!  I enjoyed the journey a lot. "