Just Minutes Before Going On Air with @Lawrence, Zimmerman Lawyer Bails and Leaves Set

Last night, the attorney for George Zimmerman, Craig Sonner, made a last-minute decision to not appear on MSNBC's The Last Word. Here is the video from Lawrence O'Donnell.

Ok, we know Lawrence can a bit pious, but it is his Boston Dorchester background. Don't mess with the Boston Irish. Here it is. See what you think. As for us, we have to agree with Lawrence about what the Sanford Police is doing this right and what they are doing to leak information. Classic police distractions.


By the way, the segment continued and O'Donnell took the Orlando Sentinel to task about their reporting yesterday. The reporter admitted that the information was leaked from law enforcement officials. Classic police strategy.

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Riachuelos says:

This is a clear example of a young man overprotected by his father who is a  judge in the same district. So an obviosly bully boy then turned in to a killer and this people parents are so blind that continue to protect his little child,  How many more need to died for him to realized and admit his crime