The @Lawrence Interview with Zimmerman Friend (or “Older Uncle”) Joe Oliver

Mar 28, 2012
6:21 am

Last night on "The Last Word," Joe Oliver, George Zimmerman's friend who has been making the national TV circuit saying that he believes Zimmerman's account of what what happened the night of February 26 when he shot Trayvon Martin to death in Sanford, FL.

Besides the fact that Oliver has gone on national TV to defend Zimmerman but last night on the O'Donnell show admitted that he just has a "gut feeling" about Zimmerman's story, Oliver also admitted that Zimmerman could have said a racial slur on the now infamous 911 call but that the shooting was not racial or that Zimmerman was not racist. The line of questioning by O'Donnell and others (especially The NY Times Charles M. Blow) was tough and were questions that needed to be asked. In the end, there are serious credibility issues about Oliver's intents and we expect that Oliver's revelations about a conversation with Zimmerman will land him in the grand jury now to testify about what Zimmerman told him.