TIME Magazine Ask Readers: Would You Vote for Jan Brewer for the TIME 100? #NoMames

Apr 3, 2012
9:43 pm

Dear TIME,


After we actually thought you did a cool thing with the YO DECIDO cover earlier this year, now you are asking your readers to vote as to whether Arizona governor Jan Brewer should be include in the 2012 TIME 100 List of influential people.

Why Brewer? Let TIME explain:

Under the leadership of Republican Brewer, Arizona has faced off with the federal government like no other state in recent memory. Amid accusations that the Obama Administration failed to protect Arizona from illegal immigration, Brewer championed a strict legislative crackdown that the Administration will challenge this year in the Supreme Court. Brewer has criticized President Obama for blocking uranium mining near the Grand Canyon and was photographed having an intense exchange with Obama on the tarmac at Phoenix's airport in January.

They do forget a few big things, like pissing off the vast majority of US Latinos (yes, not the 14% of US Latinos voting for Mitt Romney this year) and just turning Arizona into a joke state.

But still, you can decide, YES or NO? One thing is for sure: If we could vote as if it were 1933 Chicago—vote early, vote often—we would. And while TIME fails with the Brewer consideration, it is spot on with adding Louie CK (America's favorite Mexican American comedian) to the mix.