The Music of the Original Selena Is Back: New Album Now Available

When we posted our tribute to Selena this past weekend, little did we know that it would become our most popular post of the week, gaining over 4100 hits in just 24 hours. This week, Selena's music is front and center again, as a new album ENAMORADA DE TI is now available.

You can listen to samples of all songs on the album right here on Amazon. Or also on iTunes.

Yes, The Rebels Are EVITA-Heads: Now Playing on Broadway

We all have guilty pleasures and here at, EVITA is a guilty pleasure, and the new production of the hit show is back on Broadway with Ricky Martin as Che and Argentine actress Elena Rogers in the lead role.

Here is a preview. We are going to catch it. Soon. Yes, we will. You can get your tickets here.

The Perfect Colbert and Daily Show Combo: Romney’s Latino Problems and The Racist Time Out

Last night during what is clearly becoming TV's Best Hour, The Colbert Report and The Daily Show packed a hilarious 1-2 punch.

First off, our man Colbert and how Mitt Romney tries to convince other Latinos who are not part of the 14%.

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And then there was The Daily Show's Racist Time Out.

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For Our 1,000th Blog Post, The Rebeldes Say Thank You! ¡Gracias!

This is our 1,000th blog post. Un mil. Who would have known? ¿Quién lo iba a predecir?

To ALL who have taken the time to visit our web page, THANK YOU! ¡GRACIAS! We welcome all readers, all comments, and open debate. To all those you have given us stories to cover, we thank you as well.

To everyone who has joined our Facebook community (like Carmen, Manny, Arely, Claudio, Ed, Patrick, JM, Ulises, Omar, Charlie, Myrna, Charles, Lloyd, Frank, Isaac, Victoria, Chris, Lola, etc. etc. etc.), GRACIAS. THANK YOU! Every day YOU and so many others (yes, even you, Dayvid :) ) put a smile on our face. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. So much so that today, the Rebeldes did a new Facebook Fan Page cover banner and have accepted that the awful Timeline design is here to stay. When in Rome… What do you think of the banner? (Inspired by our friends at NBC Latino)


To everyone who makes us laugh on Twitter every day (like @TawniVixen and so many many other Twitter stars), THANK YOU! We are Twitter addicts, and we love to interact and tweet with our community there.

To all our new Pinterest friends (man, that site is addicting!), thanks for all the likes and repins!

We are loving Tumblr too and to all you reblog us, ¡GRACIAS!

How can we not forget YouTube? To all the views and comments (both the Good and the Bad), THANK YOU!

And yes, we are also on G+ now and we want to THANK everyone who has given us a +1 (like Patrick and Frederick, and so many others).

Finally, TO EVERYONE who has cross-linked us, read us, commented on us, crapped on us, sent us cool emails, sent us emails to go back to Mexico, cursed at all, laughed with us, made us crack up, and made us a BETTER company, GRACIAS MIL. YOU are what keeps us going, and why we feel the independent media is the future of the world. And now we have real stats to prove that alternative media for US Latino issues and untold stories do indeed have a global interest.

As for that one guy who kept posting and commenting and posting and disrespecting our community and insulting others to the point that we had to block him? Hey, we THANK YOU too. And we have a special video for you.

TUSD Board Member Michael Hicks Appears on Tucson Radio and Says Daily Show Misconstrued His Comments

When you have problems, you tell your story to friends.

On Wednesday, Tucson Unified School District school board member Michael Hicks, who is facing a backlash for his appearance on The Daily Show this week and his views on the district's ban on Mexican American Studies, gave a radio interview to local Tucson radio. In the end, it was 10 minutes of fluff. Softball questions and easy answers.

Hicks said that he regretted making an appearance on The Daily Show, that the entire interview was 3.5 hours long, that he was "naive" about The Daily Show's intentions and that he wanted to help people in any way he could. He claimed that The Daily Show and some bloggers are destructive. He claims that his family is getting harassed, that he is getting phone calls at 4 in the morning, and said that the people are taking this too seriously.

In addition, Hicks said that he has nothing to apologize for his interview but he should apologize for what The Daily Show did to his interview. He said that The Daily Show blatantly "spliced" the show and said that people thought it was real and that he didn't say those things.

"Of course I know who Rosa Parks is," Hicks said. "It was an unfortunate thing, I am owning up to it." Hicks went on to say that the entire "Rosa Clark" piece was fabricated by The Daily Show. 

"I did not say the things in the sequence that [The Daily Show] is portraying." Hicks is standing by his word that The Daily Show misrepresented his comments."

"I am not going to allow bullies to bully me."

Hicks is currently facing a recall effort for his seat on the TUSD board.

The entire interview can be heard here: Michael Hicks interview with Jon Justice.